A Change in Traditions (Black Friday)

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Every year since I was a tween, I’ve “had” to go out Black Friday shopping.

I remember my first big experience…I scored Adidas windpants in navy blue and a pair of teal Airwalk skater shoes (my first real stick out name brand items) that I always wore…together. Yup, no shame in admitting my crazy here. 

The year Arianna was born, Mallory was working so I strapped Arianna to me in her carrier and we braved Toys R Us.

Last year, I met my neighbors shopping in the middle of the night and they helped me navigate a mixed up map  the store provided. I shopped most of the night, slept 3 hours, then put in a full 8 the next day at work. Dedication.

This year, however, I have a feeling things are going to be a bit different, a change in traditions. You see, I’ve heard that a lot of stores are opening on Thanksgiving. That day is going to be busy for me as it is, but there’s a bit of anxiety for me this year when it comes to shopping on Black Friday.

It seems I am not alone when it comes to shopping anxiety.

A new survey by Kelton Research for T-Mobile uncovered that early 9 in 10 (88%) people find winter holiday shopping stressful, with close to half (42%) saying it’s due to trying to find a good deal on gifts for others.

This study also found that:

  • More 50+ Americans are not excited about the prospect of holiday shopping vs. 18-49-year-olds (61% vs. 36%)
  • Almost 9 in 10 (89%) have encountered a gift priced too high, while 72% would sacrifice at least one thing to get a good deal on a winter holiday gift, 47% of them would even give up half of all their presents
  • 43% find shopping for technology more confusing than putting together a child’s toy with multiple parts. Yet, 69% would like to receive something wireless, like a tablet or smartphone, this holiday season
  • 67% of people have participated in Black Friday at least once in their lives, but participation is less common in the West than in the rest of the country (58% vs. 69%)
  • 63% say they have seen people getting pushed or shoved, and 44% say they’ve seen people stealing a place in line while Black Friday shopping

Wow! So, I am with 36% of people my age who aren’t excited about holiday shopping (I really just want to avoid crowds and have been working on shopping throughout the year). Thank goodness I don’t find technology all that confusing! And yes, I’ve seen people get pushed and shoved as well as stealing a place in line, which is part of the reason why staying home might just be worth more to me.

Plus, with technology, there are all kinds of options for shopping from the comfort of my couch this year. T-Mobile has a way for you to avoid the bustle this holiday season and shop early!

On November 16-17, T‑Mobile is offering a better-than-Black-Friday deal — a week early. During the ‘Samsung Pre-Holiday 4G Smartphone Sale,’ customers can purchase any Samsung 4G smartphone, including the Samsung Galaxy S® III, for free or $0.00 down on qualifying Classic or Unlimited Value™ plans, after mail-in rebate card.

You know, I wish Santa would bring me a few things, including the Samsung Galaxy S® III, so if you have an in with Santa or want this deal for yourself this weekend, click here http://t-mo.co/REeges for details about this special promotion. Plus, they sent over this fun infographic about holiday shopping, “HOHOHO or NONONO” (click here for the large version).


Thanks to T-Mobile for sharing these metrics with us! I love numbers, shopping, and deals. If you’re a betting person, what do you think the odds are that I’ll continue my tradition and be back to Black Friday shopping next week? 😉 

2 thoughts on “A Change in Traditions (Black Friday)”

  1. You know, over the last 3 years I didn’t find any particularly earthshattering deals. It may be because I’m picky when it comes to gift shopping. I don’t just want to find something on sale that the recipient *might* like, I spend a lot of time looking for very specific and unique gifts, that end up rarely being on any doorbuster list.
    I decided that this year I’m going to go back to my holiday gift approach that worked well for me in college– buy every darn thing online. It costs a bit more for the shipping, but it’s much faster, and much easier to comparison shop for better prices.

    1. Amazon Prime! 😉 Cyber Monday is sounding SO appealing, and you’re right, no earthshattering deals to be seen. Hope Baby Beez is feeling better.

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