Bittersweet Rememories

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Today is a bitter day for me personally, so I am sending some fun memories of the past week out into the interwebs for your enjoyment. These things make me smile, something I need on a bad memory day like today.

Holding Hands.
‘lil Man acted all shy when first approached by Michelle taking his “two” photos. By mid-shoot, he was demanding, “hand, hold my hand” as he led her through the Aviary, showing her his favorite place in Pittsburgh.

Cuddle Buggin’.
When both kids were little, the best way for them to fall asleep was on Mama’s chest cuddled up. ‘lil Man and I haven’t been feeling great the past few days, so it was no surprise when he asked to sleep like this in the middle of the night last night. So precious.

Every time we pass a Wendy’s, the kids demand nuggets. Imagine the pain when they had to pass two Wendy’s twice last night with no stopping for nuggets. After 8 times (at dinner time, nonetheless) Greg gave in and got them nuggets following a chant passing a McDonald’s today. You can’t win ‘em all—their love for spinach, tomatoes, beets, and mangoes make up for this.

Grammie rubs my arm.
When I was relaxing on the couch, telling the kids I didn’t feel well, Arianna laid down besideme,rubbed my arm and told me to feel better “because that’swhat Grammie does”. That mademe feel a million timesbetter,atleast in that moment.

Fire Alarms.
We were mid-way through the Aviarywhen thefirealarmswent offand thebuilding began to evacuate. It was the calmest exit I have ever seen from a building, feeling very much like a school fire drill. In the days since, it’s all Arianna can talk about—we escaped the fire at the Aviary! (Note, there really wasn’t a fire, as far as we know.)

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