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Congratulations, Downtown Pittsburgh Life (blog)! You’ve been nominated for a Best of the Burghosphere award.

Reading your blog has been nominated (and awarded) as the blog to Mostly Likely to Make Me Want to Move Out of the ‘Burbs and to Downtown.

Yes, as a mom of four, sometimes I want to run far, far away and live the “quiet” life from before kids. Reading Mike’s blog about living in downtown Pittsburgh (, makes me dream of the possibilities.

He (and wife Jess) make it sounds so easy, so dreamy. While he admits there are opportunities and challenges living in downtown, the pros outweigh the cons:

I’ve seen the transformation of downtown first hand: I lived at Point Park (then) College after transferring from La Roche in the early 90s. Downtown was nothing then…no world class culture or foodie scene…no apartment buildings…no PNC Park or Heinz Field…etc etc etc.

This Google maps list of 15222 (the zip code for most of downtown and the North Side of Pittsburgh) shows a lot of the cool places to visit within a short walking distance. This isn’t even including all the tours that you can take…check out this list for that. (there are more popping up all the time email me for suggestions)

To say I am not jealous of the culture that comes with living downtown would be an understatement. While I know dropping life in the ‘Burbs would be extremely difficult, it doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream. Mike’s blog makes me think of the possibilities!

And seriously? He provides great tips for those who live downtown or just are like me and love to get out and enjoy our city: 

Mike – thanks for keeping the interwebs updated with all the amazing things that Downtown Pittsburgh Life has to offer. I’ll be keeping up with you so when those moments come that I can sneak away from my ‘burb life.

Love this shot of the sun shining over our stadiums. Source:


Mike and I are participating in the first ever “Best of the Burghosphere” awards. You can find out more through sponsor “Most Wanted Fine Art” and read other participating posts there.

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