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Like I sometimes do on a Friday night, I found myself browsing real estate sites. It’s just a pipe dream–we bought our first house about 2 and a half years ago, so buying a new one isn’t exactly a priority.

Regardless, we have a rough estimate of what we want–at least four bedrooms, finished basement, and garage. Bonus points if I have my own home office/scrap space. We know it’s a dream we need to save for and dream about for awhile.

Right now, we do have four bedrooms, two living rooms, an unfinished but usable basement and attic for storage purposes. My scrap room (and now Greg’s coupon room, too) takes up the fourth bedroom, a small, non-climate controlled space on the back of the house. The kids share a room and we have a guest space. It hasn’t always been like that, though. ‘lil Man slept in our room and A had her own room. Then we decided to put then together and add some of the toys to the shared room. This has been a good plan for about 6 months.

Tonight, however, everything changed again…putting me one more step toward the “can’t wait to move out of here” mode. ‘lil Man had been sneaking to A’s pallet on our visit to Greg’s parents last week and trying to nap there instead of in the pack n’ play. He’s also been showing interest in climbing into A’s Thomas bed, so we’ve been thinking it’s time to move him to a big boy bed, too. (A started in a Princess bed at 15 months when we moved to this house and we haven’t once looked back.)

Well, I asked A what she thought about us shutting the door to their room (with a lovely nightlight from Very Merry Glass, might I mention) and putting ‘lil Man in his Cars bed tomorrow. She said it would be just fine. We practiced opening the door, shutting it, and going to the bathroom and back. It seemed like it was going to be seamless, so we asked her to practice tonight before we pull the bed together.

After we said good night, all you know what broke loose. Screams, bloody screams. A was NOT happy that we shut her door and had many words for her parents. I went in to talk to her, and she was a mess of body shaking sobs. There clearly was no consoling her.

“A, you are a big kid now, remember? We’re going to shut the door so ‘lil Man can grow up a ‘lil bit, too!”
“No! I am NOT a big kid. I am just a ‘lil girl!!!”

Ok, then. I was not in the mood to fight this, so I offered up a suggestion of her sleeping in the guest bed, and we’d leave the door open just a pinch, the way she likes it. This plan worked for her. We’d give ‘lil Man a chance in the Thomas bed and set up the Cars bed tomorrow–this way she had an out and an alternative to coming back to the room when she was ready (or we had guests).

You know the plan was too simple to work, right? A grabbed her pillow and Baby Princess Tiana and headed for the door. ‘lil Man went in the bed, but kept yelling, “UP! UP! Up, Mama, up!”. I couldn’t resist, and took him with us to tuck A in. This move went super easy, and back we went to ‘lil Man’s room. A tuck in, kisses, and to the door we went.

I should not have looked back. ‘lil Man’s head popped up out of the bed and I could see the tears in the dark. Greg shut the door, but I don’t know that I’ve ever heard angrier screams from ‘lil Man. These screams continued for five minutes before Greg went to rescue ‘lil Man, and now we’re letting him play off any extra steam he might have.

I don’t know that until we get our dream house that we’ll ever have this bedroom thing down, but for now, we have to keep being flexible to make it work. People have done this for years, and we’re so lucky to have the space that we do. There just has to be a way to make it work without the upgrade–I have to believe that!

‘lil Man enjoying the bed at our hotel stop en route to Myrtle

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