Because It’s the Cup

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When your team brings home the Championship, you remember.

You remember when you were 8 and listening to the final game on the radio with your dad. (1991)

You remember when you were 9 and watched with your family on a tiny tv, expecting your heroes to bring the cup home again. (1992)

You remember being pregnant with your first child and teaching all your southern friends about the joys of hockey in the summer heat…but coming not quite close enough to let them feel the chills of watching The Cup pass from hand to hand. (2008)

You remember your 8 month old resting on your fiancé, keeping her eyes open as you finally got to watch The Cup come home again. You remember the friends you watched the game with, the cars beeping their horns all the way home through the city. (2009)

And you’ll surely remember the feeling of wanting to win but wanting to bring The Cup home on home ice, a chance at a Pittsburgh first since 1960. You will remember your 7 year old trying to keep her eyes open, but giving in during the 3rd period. You will remember your 5 year old son rolling on the floor, begging to learn how to play right this minute. You’ll remember your 14-month-old twins dressing in their sister’s onesies from that last time. You’ll remember your husband squeaking in the door after work, just in time. You’ll remember it’s your pattern, watching a Pittsburgh team win their Championship the night before you start a new job (like the 2009 Super Bowl) in this city that you love, and the feeling of togetherness it brings to a new chapter. (2016)

Because it’s the Cup, you’ll remember. Congratulations, Pittsburgh Penguins!

(They won't be mad in the morning!)

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