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As part of my Beauty Blogger VoxBox, I got one of my new stranded island must have items.


Not Your Mother’s Hair Cream (find them on Facebook and Twitter @nymbrands)
Ok, usually I HATE any hair products because I have fine hair, but Not Your Mother’s Hair Cream is like a lifesaver for my crazy tresses. Normally, I am running out the door with towel dried hair, so by the time I get to work, it looks like a frizzy, limp pile of nasty on my head.
When I used Not Your Mother’s, everything changed. The first time I tried it, I decided to go “all out” and test it on towel dried hair. Through 8 hours of work on a hot fall day, my hair lasted, no straightener needed! I had to keep looking in the mirror to believe what I saw. Plus, my hair lightly smelled like coconut all day AND was shiny and healthy looking, no other products needed.
Downer? When I was peeling off the safety seal, I wasted probably half a “dose” worth, and I hate wasting things. I’ll just be careful when I pick up my next round!
Here’s the living proof that my hair loves Not Your Mother’s Hair Cream: 
See how straight it is? No flyaways, and this was at the end of a rainy day. I love it so much, there might never be words.
Disclaimer: I was provided with the VoxBox by Influenster ( and asked to review the products in return. All opinions and straightened hair are 100% my own.

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