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It’s been a few months since we’ve really seen our neighbors (thank you, winter). Soon, the neighborhood will be bustling with people out on their porches and enjoying the spring weather. (We even had the ice cream truck roll through already!) It’s an exciting time if you have and are a good neighbor, right?

Growing up as a child in the Mister Roger’s generation *my own term*, I was always singing cheerful songs about being a good neighbor. As an adult, I’ve found it’s not always easy to be a good neighbor, but it’s important to be a good neighbor. Why? Because we all want to live in a neighborhood like Mister Roger’s, didn’t you? It was a beautiful invitation, one I hope to model and pass on to my kids.

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Be My Neighbor Day is one way to share Mister Rogers’ legacy of being neighborly. It is held the Saturday after Mister Roger’s birthday (March 20) and brought to Pittsburgh by United Way and WQED. Families will be able to participate in activities that benefit the community (including a sweater drive) and help kids practice being neighborly.

You’re invited to take part in Be My Neighbor Day this Saturday (March 22) at one of four Pittsburgh YMCA locations: Baierl Family YMCA (Sewickley), Western Area YMCA (Coraopolis), Penn Hills YMCA, or Thelma Lovett YMCA (Centre Avenue). The event is FREE, and you can get more information here:

If you can’t make it, still check out the site for ideas about being nieghborly. There are plenty of ways you can be a good neighbor, including these tips inspired by the “Neighbor Day” episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood:

  • Volunteer!:  Check out your local food bank, library or neighborhood park for opportunities for your family to contribute, whether it is going through your house with your preschooler and donating extra canned goods or old books  or helping plant brand-new trees!
  • Play outside and meet new people!:  Bring your young children for a fun visit at the neighborhood playground, so they can make new friends and interact with old friends, too!
  • Ask to help!:  When your family sees someone who might need a hand, offer it!  Work together with an elderly neighbor who needs extra assistance in their yard or even have your preschooler help take care of a friend’s pet while they’re away on an end-of-summer trip.  You can also just talk with your child about times when you helped someone in need.
  • Smile and say, hello!:  Sometimes the littlest things makes the biggest difference!  When you are walking through your own neighborhood with your kids, greet passing neighbors with a friendly smile and a “hello” – you might just brighten someone’s day!
  • Make Coupons for Giving: Help your child create homemade paper coupons for kind and helpful acts, like “a hug,” “help with household chores” or “reading a book to a younger sibling.”

Aren’t those great? My family needs to get better at meeting new people in our neighborhood. After four years of living on our street, I am sad to say that I can only name about 5 people on our busy street. Thanks to these tips, I am inspired to get to know some more people this summer. Which of the tips will your family use first? 

Thank you to The Motherhood for sharing the details about Be My Neighbor Day with me so I could share with you!

Be My Neighbor Day

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