Banana Splits For Dinner?

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This post includes mention of a sample provided by Blue Bunny. I was provided with a sample and small gift to participate in a Klout campaign; however, all opinions and decision to have banana splits for dinner are 100% my own. 

There is nothing like aiming to win the Coolest Mom and Wife of the Year award. If you’re trying, you might as well stop ’cause I hands-down have it. Surely Greg thought I was off my rocker when I called home and asked him to set out the ice cream tub before dinner, but too bad.

You see, we’ve been grilling out all week and I needed a break. (Who knew grilling could exhaust one so much?) I was supposed to check out Blue Bunny’s Sweet Freedom Ice Cream line and had spent the day providing my co-workers with fruit trivia, so it seemed like the perfect night to have banana splits for dinner.

When I went to my local grocery store, I couldn’t find the Blue Bunny tub, but I did score a box of 110-calorie “Ice Cream Lite” bars that I decided to try. Eating healthy doesn’t always have to be “funky”. Figuring I could peel one off the stick and plop it in my dinner, I grabbed the box and headed home to the waiting family. (Disclosure–they ate from a tub of regular ice cream because a) the kids wanted pink ice cream and b) Greg wasn’t about to go all healthy with his ice cream, see photobelow. I was the only one to give this bar a try, tonight anyhow.)

Arianna definitely thought I was off my rocker, but she was excited to help make and then eat her ‘nana split.


Evan wasn’t really sure about the whole thing, but he hasn’t been eating much lately anyways.


And Greg? I’d say he enjoyed himself very much.


Me, I put a banana plus a Ice Cream Lite bar in a bowl and added in some almonds, high protein granola, strawberries, dark chocolate, coconut oil, and some fat free whipped cream. Maybe I went a ‘lil overboard, but I have to say it was deliciously worth it. Plus, it was a nice, easy “meal” with not much clean up or effort, leaving me with extra time to enjoy the yard (which I’ll have to share photos with you soon).


If you are hankering for a nice ice cream treat, give Blue Bunny’s Sweet Freedom novelties a try–they have plenty of healthier choices, too.


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