Balancing Work and Mommy-hood

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My boss and I were working hard to find a tiny error that was making us miss hundreds of thousands of dollars. Outlook kept flashing, reminding me I had 3 outstanding reminders. Communicator was blinking, trying to tell me that I had IM’s waiting for me. My eyes were crossing from looking at the numbers all morning, and my heart was racing, hoping I would find the error. A glance at the clock told me it was 10:47. We were supposed to leave 17 minutes ago–phew, I could still do math–and I was holding us up.

Finally, the error was found, and I quickly pulled my things together and rushed down the hall to meet my cousin. My body told me I needed to pump or there was going to be a major problem. J told me she would drive to our networking event so that I could pump along the way. I was about to embark on the oddest moment in our parking lot–attaching the pump. Thank goodness I had my cover!

If you have ever driven on [I hate] 28 or Fifth Avenue, you know what was ahead for me–pothole city. Somehow, I managed to balance just right and didn’t spill a drop. I also kept decent–no pedestrians or fellow passengers “snuck a peak” at Evan’s precious *ahem* “supply”. What a feat.

The things we do as moms (and dads) for our kids, right? This little adventure on my way to an afternoon of networking was not the first time I’ve had to get creative in order to sustain Evan. I’ve pumped in parking lots in PA and Ohio. I’ve pumped while G flew down the highway. This adventure won’t be my last–I am away this week and will be pumping in the airports, at the hotel, and in between conference sessions. I had to pump 30 bags of milk ahead for Evan and will have to send lots back with Greg.

Balancing work and being a mom is not always easy, but it is so rewarding. I know that I am working to provide for my family. That means that sometimes I am going to have to make some creative or tough decisions. Every single one of them is worth it.

Here’s a shot of the pump with a shout-out to my PumpEase which kept me safe and pretty discreet during this adventure. I’d also like to thank my cousin J for driving carefully and letting me pump along the way! What laughs and memories.

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