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In college I was asked to be a presenter on a mini panel about Time Management because apparently I was able to “do it all” between classes, a job, yearbook editing, leadership positions, being a hockey manager, and making Dean’s List. The do it all balance pendulum hasn’t really changed as I’ve gotten older.

I try to find balance in my life by making sure everything is just right on as many levels as possible.

Let me be 100% honest – it’s not easy. It’s not perfect. Everything isn’t just right, and you know what? Sometimes that’s okay. Sometimes saying no is an okay thing.

As a working mom, I’m not about to play the “I’m oh, so jealous of stay at home moms because their job is so easy” card (because it’s not – I see what Greg goes through day to day and I don’t think I could handle being a SAHM – kudos to the SAH Parents out there!). But, I’m also not about to play the “I work so I should be cut a break when I get home” card, either. Nope. I’m here to tell you that it’s not easy figuring out exactly what needs done at just the right time.

Like when Evan is flailing at his bed because I can’t stay and play with him all day. Or when Arianna wants me to pick her up from school and go to the zoo. Or when my boss needs a report on an outage and I am at the zoo. Or when pricing isn’t sent to stores and I’m 21 hours awake and very ready to sleep but there’s a conference call to be had. Or when I need to chose between running five miles or buying fresh fruits and veggies because the fridge is empty. Or when a blog review is due and I haven’t even opened the package yet because I’ve been working on all.the.other.things.

Let me tell you, being me isn’t the easiest me to be, but personally, I am very happy with the way things are. 

I’m happy because I feel like I have balance. I have a job that allows me to enjoy vacations with my family and opt for flexible schedules to accommodate school events in exchange for a working evening. I have a husband that enjoys staying at home with the kids and managing the household (even if he doesn’t really like to clean to the “Becky standard”, nor does he find it easy to cook healthy meals). I have kids that understand that my job provides them with food, shelter, and fun, even if they don’t like me being gone during the day.

Perhaps that’s because my brain is wired to go, go, go and keep growing and learning and bettering myself as well as others around me. It’s how I find my balance in my world of crazy, by continuing to move, breathe, and live. Because honestly? I am not sure what I’d do if I stop go, go, going. I really am not – truth be told, some of the downtime on girls’ week even drove my brain nuts.

So, the next time I hear any of these questions: “How do you do it all?”, “Why do you do it all?”, “Where do you find your balance?” – I’ll know my answer. I do it “all” because it’s what’s right for me and the exact right moment, working on just the right things at that intersection of the universe. Its not easy, and I don’t do it perfectly – I do it to keep me going.

How do you find balance in your life? 

One of the ways I balance – yoga and the beach.

4 thoughts on “Balance”

  1. Now I understand why we get along so well! You pretty much just described me, although I’m still working on time management even though I’m go-go-going most of the day o.O
    People tell me I should relax and breath and that’s all well and good, but if I try to relax I get anxious because I’m not being productive! Being productive and getting things done is what relaxes me 🙂

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