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Seriously, where has September gone? Our family has all kinds of goals, especially getting back to healthy habits. Back to school has come and gone, but we’re still working to get into the routine of remembering all the things for all four kids (and still remembering to care for ourselves, too).

We tried a free vitamin program from the pharmacy in town, but it just wasn’t going over so well. Why? Because the kids said they were cute but hard to swallow and chalky when chewed. Yuck, who wants that?

alternavites kids

Thankfully, a fellow blogging friend told me some more about another option, alternaVites Kids. This vitamin “has revolutionized the children’s vitamin category as they no longer have to be the chalky chewable parents had as kids or a sugary gummy that’s missing essential nutrients and can stick in between children’s teeth causing cavities and tooth decay”.


You just pour the vitamin directly on your child’s tongue (or can even mix it in with drinks or food).


The ‘lil Burghers give this option a two thumbs up! You can order these vitamins with PRIME Shipping on Amazon – go here to order NOW.

In addition to good stuff for kids, I was also provided with tips from Registered Dietitian, Ilyse Schapiro, to make getting back to healthy habits an easy exercise:

  1. Don’t Forget Breakfast: On those busy mornings before school, it’s often hard to get your children in a matching outfit then to worry about ensuring they eat a healthy and well-balanced breakfast.  However, research has shown that eating breakfast can not only help get our children the nutrients they need for their growing bodies and minds, but that it can also help with school performance.  A well-balanced breakfast also makes you feel full and focused for the day ahead of you.  Try to incorporate whole grains and protein such as waffles, steel-cut oatmeal, eggs, nut butters (or alternatives)  and don’t be afraid to get creative and use nuts, fresh fruit, or even a little bit of dark chocolate every once in a while to make it fun too!


  1. Don’t Overlook Snacking:  When we let hours go by without eating, it’s only normal to feel weak and deprived.  When it comes to kids, this usually means melt-downs, tantrums and irritability. So, keeping kids properly fueled is important but you have to pick the right snack.    However, choosing healthy snacks can be hard when their friends or classmates bring in junk food.  Try a baggy of air-popped popcorn, whole wheat crackers and cheese, roasted chick peas, homemade cookies with dark chocolate chips or muffins made from pumpkin, or even whole grain English muffin pizza.  You can also try to make fun shapes and animated characters like ants on a log, pretzels wrapped with turkey, and fruit dipped in dark chocolate (use cookie cutters to make this even more appealing).  These will still make your kids feel like they’re getting a treat while giving them a great balance of fiber, protein and carbs.


  1. Hydration is Key:  It is vital that your kids stay well hydrated, not only to keep their energy levels up and their mind focused.  Give them a water bottle for school and make sure to have them drink before they leave and right when they get home.  Try to stay away from caffeinated drinks and those high in sugar as those can have the opposite effects.


  1. Grab and Go: Once a week, cut up fruits and veggies and store them in little containers.  Also, measure out half-cup servings of snacks and put them in little baggies.  This will not only save you time, but you and your children will be able to take the guess work about what to eat and help save you time.  You can also have these snacks out and waiting for them on the table for when they get home from school, so they’ll start noshing on that instead of chips, etc.


  1. Insurance Policy: Don’t think of a daily multivitamin as cheating – it’s actually the opposite.  Despite how well-intentioned we all are as parents, it’s impossible to feed our children well all of the time.  A comprehensive formula with vitamins and minerals (like alternaVites Kids) can offer the added nutritional protection almost all of our kids need nowadays.


Thanks for these tips! What is your family doing to get back to healthy habits this fall? Do you need some help and motivation? I’m here for you – just tell me what you need. xoxo

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