“Baby’s” First Haircut

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Well, we made it until 2 days before he turned two to take ‘lil Man for his first haircut. His photos are January 6 (so FYI, thank you’s will be after that, trust, patience is worth it), but I couldn’t really wait any longer to get him a trim. His beautiful curls needed a “lift” and his bangs were in his eyes.

‘lil Man did glorious. We went to Great Clips (where the best hair dresser I’ve found works now) and he donned a penguin cape and sat in my lap (while his sister marched across the room and into a chair in a row by herself–such a big girl!). He giggled at the water spray and barely moved as Erika did her magic. When all was said and done, his hair was out of his eyes and already looking fuller. What a great first haircut experience!


I think it’s official, we can no longer call him “baby”. What a heart breaker.

2 thoughts on ““Baby’s” First Haircut”

  1. Becky,
    Thanks for bringing ‘lil man in and letting us play a small role in such a memorable moment. We’re glad he liked Erika and enjoyed his haircut — he certainly is handsome! And it’s ok, we think you can still call him ‘baby.’
    Thanks again,
    Kasey S.
    Great Clips

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