Twin Tip Tuesday: Cut Them Nails

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Welcome to Twin Tip Tuesdaya brand new feature to help all you twin (+) parents with raising happy & healthy twins! Have a must-have for twin parenting? Let me know!

Isla, our youngest twin, was born with crazy long nails. Our pediatrician suggested not to cut the twins’ nails when they were newborns because cutting the nails actually cuts tender baby skin. Ouch!

The time has come to start cutting them, though. Ava has a fascination with her sister’s hands. Isla has a fascination with her sister’s face and mommy’s chest. The scratches Ava and I endure day in and day out had to stop. BabyComfyNail actually came my way at just the right time to put an end to our misery!

babycomfynailA single-blade makes cutting baby’s nails fast and easy. There’s a plastic part that pushes back that tender baby skin and just one blade to clip baby’s nail. I tested it out on my nails first, and got a little worried. My nails are kind of thick, so it didn’t clip as nicely as I hoped. The only thing left to do was to try it on my baby and see if it lived up to my expectations, so of course, I did the motherly thing and “attacked” when she was sleepy. 20150807_192658

I got the eyeballs, but I didn’t get the tears because BabyComfyNail did the job! Isla now has safe nails…and Mama has a line of defense against her big brother’s nails, too!

Isla’s nails BEFORE BabyComfyNail!

This baby product is definitely a must for parents of twins because it simplifies the nail cutting process with ergonomic design and efficiency. This equals more time to cut BOTH babies’ nails!

You can find BabyComfyNail at for $14.99.

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