Twin Tip Tuesday: Baby Food Making

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Enter disclaimer text + Today’s post is brought to us by Foodii, the Squeeze Snack filling and feeding system for baby food making!


Thank goodness we were frugal before the twins arrived. We’ve been living on deals for years, so it wasn’t really a surprise when I told Greg that we’d give baby food making a try when the time came for the twins to eat. Actually…this thought came about at a cousin’s baby shower that was days before I knew I was pregnant…she got a baby food system and I knew I’d need one if we did have another baby.

Fast forward from my initial thought to when the girls started to eat “solids”. (Solids is a HORRIBLE way to describe most baby foods, isn’t it?) I’d done some investigating on Baby Led Weaning, but everything we tried with the girls, they didn’t seem overly interested. Nope, they wanted mush in their mouths and they wanted it yesterday. So baby food it was to be. I’d done some research on baby food making and even ran it past our pediatrician.

This was going to be simple. I was just going to use the food processor, puree the foods we were eating anyways, and feed to the girls. Heh.

I’m funny.

What I didn’t account for was twins. They have their own agenda, their own time to want to eat, and their own tastebuds. Frankly, I didn’t have time to really get into baby food making like I’d planned. A mom can dream, right?!?!? But I am still willing to give it a try here and there. Like when we have mashed potatoes or something mushy. I’ll just mush more. Heck, I’m even down with making pureed snacks for my older kids (great way to get Evan to eat berries), but the twins? It’s just not been possible.


For those of you who have decided that you are going to embark on the journey of baby food making and have the time and desire, I give you all the props. And I give you this advice: check out the Foodii Squeeze Snack filling and feeding system (from Kiinde). We gave it a try to feed both the big kids (some applesauce) and the twins (mushy baby food of potatoes and root veggies I’d steamed) and it worked…I am just not sure I can keep up with it. TIP: Be sure you squeeze the Foodii Filler good! I didn’t my first time and got frustrated that it didn’t work. It does. You just have to SQUEEZE. Thanks to Arianna for telling me how to adult (see above).

The starter kit comes with:

foodii starter kit

10 Foodii Squeeze Pouches

1 Foodii Squeeze Filler

2 Snack Spouts

1 Squeeze Spoon

baby food making

A little bit more about the Foodii from

Puree your own healthy baby meals using your blender, pour into the wide-mouthed Foodii Filler, then squeeze the Filler to fill Twist Pouches or Foodii Pouches with healthy, nutritous snacks, mess-free!

Multiple feeding options are available for feeding directly from the pouches – ergonomically designed Snack Spouts, or soft silicone Squeeze Spoons. Both are designed to promote mess-free self-feeding, and have leak-proof caps. The Squeeze Snack Filler is simple, compact, and easy to clean. It has no moving parts, and is about as large as a large drinking glass. The Filler can be used to store pureed food in your fridge, too!

All components of the Foodii and Twist feeding systems are BPA, PVC, latex, and pthalate-free. Squeeze Snacks help to eliminate messes and dirty dishes – pouches can be discarded (recycled!) after use. Snack Spouts and Squeeze Spoons can be re-used for future feedings, and are dishwasher, steam, and microwave safe.

In Pennsylvania, you can find the Foodii at Target, buybuyBaby, and Babies R Us. This product retails for $19.99 and does require the purchase of additional pouches (which also can be used with your breastpump!). Find out more at



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