Aw, Bummer!

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It started about a week ago. Aw, Bummer! has quickly become Evan’s go to phrase.

“You can’t have a snack until you finish your Pop Tart” results in Aw, Bummer.

It’s also the follow-up to “you have to come inside because your sisters are going to get sunburns”.

And of course, to nap-time. Which means it’s also the reaction to bedtime, too.

“Mom’s feeding the girls, she’ll be done soon.” Aw, Bummer! 

Just one more book.

Just one more song.

Just one more bite before you move along.

Aw, Bummer!

NurinWedding_ (160)
There’s no more of this cake. 🙁 AW, BUMMER!


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