Ava’s Test

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Today was an emotionally draining day. We spent most of it at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh for Ava’s test to see what’s going on with her weight and throwing up.

If you didn’t know…Ava is in the 0% for her age range in weight. She is a very slow gainer and this has been a cause for concern since we were in the hospital. About two months ago, she started throwing up everything she ate or drank. We’ve been trying some tips (keep her sitting up, limit pacifier use) and introduced acid-reflux formula and rice cereal. Unfortunately, nothing has changed and we became concerned.

Was today stressful? Yes. Could it have been worse? Yes.

You see, Ava’s test was simple and routine. An upper GI (which sounds really scary but is really simple for babies and young kids – they drink barium and are laying down on an x-ray table while the doctor takes a live shot of the digestion process) and blood work. She was a champion at both (okay, minus trying to yank the needle out of her arm).

Ava’s test was really nothing compared to what other kids in our region need from Children’s Hospital.

After the testing was done, I needed a moment to sit. Unknowingly, we sat facing a wall that listed people and companies that have given to keep Children’s available to the kids in our area. What a blessing. Watching and interacting with other families there today? We are blessed that our ‘lil one was there for these minor things.

Thank you all for the love and prayers today, but if you don’t mind, please send one up for all the kids of this world tonight, okay?


Grateful that Ava's testing is done. We are taking a moment to sit and be thankful for those who "Give kids a chance to be kids". Seen so many other kids today with greater reasons to need this hospital. It breaks my heart and makes me want to help them a

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