Radon Gas: Your Home’s Silent Killer

I received the guest post below from BJ, ‘lil Burghers fan and
head radon professional at Home Radon Pros. He asked if he could share some information regarding the dangers of 
radon gas and the harmful effects it has on families in the Pittsburgh area. Although this post is contains sponsored content, I was interested in sharing this important message with you. All opinions are that of the author.

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Everyone puts their family’s health as a top priority in their lives. From dieting to exercising, we take many precautions to ensure we can live a long healthy life. Take a look in your home, you probably have multiple smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in order to alert your family of these potential dangers. You probably preach to your older children that drunk driving is dangerous and remind them to be smart and safe when consuming alcohol. But I would bet that you haven’t had your home tested for the number one danger in a home that kills more each year than house fires, carbon monoxide, and drunk driving combined. This danger is an odorless, tasteless, colorless gas called radon. A gas deemed by the surgeon general as a “class A carcinogen” that kills 21,000 people every year. That is one person every 25 minutes in the United States. As the second leading cause of lung cancer in the US, next to cigarette smoking, it is something that you should be concerned about for you and your family’s well-being.

What is Radon and Is My Family Affected?

Radon gas comes from the breakdown of uranium in the soil. It enters your home through small cracks in your basement and travels throughout the rest of your home. Radon is present everywhere, but becomes threatening when it gets trapped in small spaces. As the gas seeps into your basement, the gas condenses putting more particles in a smaller space. Not all homes have high levels, but for us living in Pittsburgh, PA, we have a higher chance of high radon levels in our homes. In fact, 40% of all Pittsburgh homes have radon levels higher than the EPA recommended action level

You or the previous homeowner may have had radon testing conducted in your home when you first moved in, but this doesn’t mean that your levels haven’t changed. Radon levels in your home are constantly changing due to factors such as; changes in the soil conditions beneath your house, home renovations, and weather changes. This means the radon test you had 10 years ago when you first moved in, is far from accurate.

What Can I Do To Keep My Family Safe?

Knowing your homes radon levels, and the health impact it is having on you and your family, is the first step in the direction of keeping your family healthy. Radon testing can be done by radon professionals in a few short days. This will either give you the peace of mind that your home is safe from radon, or give you the direction that you should have a radon system implemented into your home to remove the radon. Both radon testing and radon removal are quick and affordable processes that will not compromise the beauty of your house. The only way to truly know if you and your family are in danger of radon gas, is to have a radon test conducted in your home. The longer you wait, the longer you and your loved ones are exposed to this deadly gas, which puts you all at a greater risk for developing lung cancer.

Home Radon Pros is a Pittsburgh company that focuses on educating families on the dangers of radon gas. We want families in our local communities to be healthy and protected from something that they may not even realize is slowly harming them. We recommend that everyone has their house tested, at least once a year, to ensure that radon gas in your home is not putting your family at risk. Testing is the first step, don’t let you or your family be a statistic in the ever growing number of radon related deaths every year. Call us today at 412-584-0799 to schedule a radon test for $159.99: a small price to pay for the well-being of you and your loved ones. You can also found out more information on our website at www.homeradonpros.com. Mention the ‘lil Burghers blog for $10 off radon testing in your home.