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Welcome to Wildlife Wednesday

You guys, I freaking LOVE animals, especially reptiles and amphibians. When I was a kid, my heroes were Steve Irwin(The Crocodile Hunter) and Jeff Corwin and my dream was to be a herpetologist and discover a new species. I was always bringing some new animal home, whether it be frogs, turtles, lizards or snakes(much to my mother’s dismay). My mom would take me and my sister out for hours to local ponds and ditches with a bait net and we would swish it through the shallows to see what cool critters we could come up with. This is a tradition that I plan on continuing with my own children, so the ‘lil Burghers have decided to introduce a new series: Wildlife Wednesday. keep reading

Who’s your Daddy?

Everyone always talks about moms and Stay-At-Home-Moms, there are magazines devoted to them and countless articles written but you rarely hear about the dads who make it their job to be the care-givers. Some people might see my life as ideal, a lazy man’s dream, an excuse not to work. Well I am here to dispel the stigma and set the record straight. Being a Stay-At-Home-Dad is HARD WORK!!!   keep reading

This one’s for the ladies!

I have several influential amazing women in my life and since it is International Women’s Day, I thought I would take a minute to call them out and let them know how important they are to me.

Of course, I have to start with my mother, the most hard working, kind-hearted, happy-go-lucky person I know without whom I would not exist. I can never tell her enough that I love her and that I am forever grateful for the love shes shown me all my life and the example she set to put me on the path to be the man I am today. keep reading

Couponing: The Hunt

When I ended the last post I was explaining how I began helping B coupon. While watch “Extreme Couponing” I noticed a woman who would visit her local Recycling Center and dig through the newspapers and magazines in search of buried insert gold! The idea was initially shocking but the more I thought about it, the more excited and ok with it I became. She wasn’t going through garbage, it’s not like she had to weed through dirty diapers and banana peels, it was all paper. I started doing research on the Internet for local recycling centers in our area with no luck, although I admittedly did not look very hard at first as I was still worried about the appearance of it all and what people would think. keep reading

Couponing: The Beginning

I have always been skeptical of the little old ladies who stand in front of me at the super market checkout with a fist full of coupons. How much could they possibly be saving that it is worth holding up the line for 15 minutes, I mean how much cat food can you really need anyhow? Upon marrying my wife, I had no clue that she could very well end up being one of those little old ladies, minus the cats of course, but what I DEFINITELY did not see happening is that I too would become that person who keeps you waiting in line while he watches every single coupon being swiped and the dollar signs diminish. keep reading