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The past week has been a tough one in our house. Mom tested positive for COVID-19 last Friday and we’ve been trying to keep things cleaner than ever so everyone stays safe. The use of disinfecting wipes has always been essential in our home, but we really ramped that up. And the timing, if possible, was perfect because our latest shipment ARM & HAMMER™ Essentials™ Disinfecting Wipes had been delivered. We are a brand ambassador with Arm & Hammer in 2021 and receive product and compensation as part of our partnership.

Now is a time that we not only need to keep the house clean on our regular schedule, but it is also a time we’ve been really thinking about how we can do some pure cleaning. We’ve always known that chemicals can be harsh and toxic, and who hasn’t scrunched their noise at the smell of strong cleaners? Yet at the same time, we want the confidence that what we’re cleaning our homes with is safe.

Arm & Hammer has taken some of that guess work out for us. While it isn’t 100% natural like a cloth + water + elbow grease, the products in this line are safer and kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. That sure makes mom feel a bit better with the germs around and is the way we’ll be cleaning here for awhile.

Essentials Disinfecting Wipes

With two fresh scents (Lemon Orchard and Renewing Rain), these disinfecting wipes also come in 40 or 80 wipe containers. Our go to has been Renewing Rain because it is a (good) unique smell that makes us think spring.

Also, for those of you with sensitive skin it is good to note that you do not need to wear gloves when using these wipes – with no harsh chemicals or Quats (Quaternary Ammonium Compounds). If you have any concerns about the ingredients, check out the product’s ingredients list.

How We Use the Essentials

Mom went through four wipes cleaning down the surfaces of her office as she prepared to go back to work. This was the place she was most often before getting sick, so it made sense to wipe everything in there down extra carefully. And yes, you can use these wipes on electronics – just be sure to wring the wipe out before using on screens and keyboards.


In addition to the office, these wipes can be used on doorknobs, in the car, and in the bathroom. They’re great for classrooms (psst, Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up) and gyms, too! We got the whole family, including the twins, in on the fun of cleaning with confidence as we went around the house wiping everything down.

(And yes, everything included the kitchen. Food contact surfaces do need to be rinsed with water after using these wipes.)

After this past year of being in and out of quarantine / stay-home-orders, the bottom line is we parents want to keep our kids safe from not only germs but from chemicals. These wipes give us that simple balance without having to worry about the protection we know we need. Arm & Hammer is a brand name that has been in this family for a long time (anyone else have the box of their baking soda in the fridge growing up) and a name we can trust.

Aside from cleaning products, what is something that has been essential to your daily live in the pandemic? Comment below and be sure to follow us on social media for more fun.

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