Are we Crazy?

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Perhaps a little.

Last week, my cousin J told me that the managers of the team we’re part of had been invited to do team building at Mud on the Mountain, a 7-mile run through Seven Springs. A what? A 7-mile run. We laughed a bit, and I have to admit, I know it’s not something I would see myself doing, but I was a bit jealous. Of course, this mama wasn’t going to spend the registration fee to have her butt kicked, so I didn’t volunteer to join in the “fun”.

Then I saw a tweet from the Pittsburgh Marathon asking for people interested in taking part in the “Biggest Winner” challenge, culminating with a 5K on May 5th. There were a few things that stopped me–a friend’s wedding (where I’ll be taking photos) and the fact that I’d need to commit two days a week in an already crazy schedule. My application got no further than reading the fine details. I was resigned to the fact that I’d just keep on with my current patterns and throw everything I had into work’s Live Healthy Challenge starting at the end of the month.

Today, everything changed. I got an IM from Cousin J saying, “I’m sorry”…and I had a good idea what she was about to tell me…”you can’t have team building without the whole team”. I was in (that’s what happens when you are fresh to a team yet still transitioning from another…). And the thing is? I got excited! I immediately started thinking I was getting off my butt and doing the Couch to 5K thing again (and sticking with it). A brief description to Mr. Burgher, and he wanted to sign up, too.

So, here it is. I’ll be attempting a 7-mile “run” up the mountains with my team. I have 91 days to get prepared, so expect some major changes over my way. This girl is in training! (Wish me luck after you stop laughing.)

May 12, here I come.

Mama Burgher

5 thoughts on “Are we Crazy?”

  1. Better you than me! :-p Where I’m at they’re going to be starting Biggest Loser and the winner will “get something cool like a trip to Vegas” but they haven’t decided what yet. All because they put in a gym they want us to use.

  2. That’s awesome, and sounds kind of fun. If it weren’t so darn expensive, I’d consider signing up for it myself (nice motivation to run again post-half-marathon on 5/6!).
    Good luck; you can do it!!

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