Apple Butter ’11

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My grandmother’s family has an old tradition of making apple butter in a copper kettle with an antique wooden paddle. It’s been 6 years since I last participated and probably 4 or 5 since the last time we did it as a family.

This past weekend, I got to introduce my ‘lil Burghers (and Mr. Burgher) to the tradition. My parents’ church has an annual tradition of making and selling the delicious bread topper, a fall favorite.

Rumor has it (and I’ve only witnessed this once), you get the fire started early in the morning, before the sun comes up, and fill the copper kettle with apples that have been turned into applesauce. You have to have loyal, strong, awake volunteers to constantly stir the pot (or else it burns). This process takes hours, but is well worth the work and the wait.

A few bonuses, you get to roast hot dogs under the kettle, wipe the kettle clean with freshly baked bread (unfortunately, we couldn’t stick around for that part as I had other obligations), and you smell like an amazing campfire (even post shower).

Hopefully one day us 2nd generation Royals will start the tradition back up. Anyone else in with me, Mr. Burgher, and Unca?

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