Another December

It’s hard to believe that another December has come around. They warned me when I became a mom that time would fly, but I had no idea it would happen so fast.

This month, I’m trying to make it not just another December, but one full of giving and mindfulness and love. I pray to remain centered on what matters the most, not just in this season but all year-round.

Because the thing is, soon I’ll be a mom waiting for my kids to come home for Christmas break, then a grandma waiting to travel to see my grands open their gifts. At least that’s my prayer. But I realize as another December rolls around that life is so precious and that God’s plan could change all this in a moment.

So as we enter another December, I ask you to stop and take some time to think about the ways you’re spending your days and moments. Can the laundry wait? (The answer’s yes, even though I know from experience folding three weeks of six people’s clothing is not fun.) Do the cupboards need scrubbed? (Nope, and I wasn’t planning on looking, friend, and I still won’t!) Do the books need read? (Yes, by the light of the tree or a fireplace.) Do the hugs need to last so long? (Yes. Always.)

May your December be off to a great and beautiful start. xoxo

(Taking a moment to just breathe and enjoy our city!)

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