Anniversary Six

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6 years seems like yesterday. I love growing old with this guy and sharing moments with our 4 kids and 2 dogs. Anniversary Six was pretty perfect.

We started the day in our new chairs, the ones we found while needing to feed the girls on a trip to get a microwave.

Lived in the moment in our chairs vs capturing it so this is the same chair.

Then we spent time with Greg’s mom on the front porch and skyped with Nurin. Ava wanted her manager because she was tired of performing for the camera.


We left the girls with Grandma (the big kids with Grammie and Pappy for a church picnic) and took a bike ride into Ford City.

While there, we stopped at the garden and repeated our Baha’i vows.

We will all, verily, abide by the will of God.

Then we went over to the church and repeated our favorite line from our vows and thanked God (and each other) for a beautiful six years.

I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always...

Having no solid plans (a big trip is coming up this week!), we decided to see if any filming of Banshee was going on in Vandergrift. It wasn’t, but exploring the set was fun.



This made me want wine, so we went over to La Casa Narcisi and enjoyed a delicious meal, a glass of Catawba wine, and cannoli. Afterward, I needed coffee but wanted blueberry flavor, so we stopped at Greg’s work to get one (and try to catch the end of the Pirate game). The evening ended snuggling Isla (we tuckered Ava out) and watching Banshee until my eyes wouldn’t stay open (which was about 40 minutes).

Anniversary Six. Beautiful. Love you more every day, Mr. Willis!


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