An Open Letter To My Daughter (on Mother’s Day)

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Today, we celebrate Mothers, and I have to tell you, I am so proud to be your mama. There will be a lot of special women in your life, but none of them will ever play the role that I do.

Three years ago today, I privately celebrated you as my daughter and wished myself a Happy (1st) Mother’s Day. You were growing inside of me, and although being pregnant made me pretty sick, I was so happy to know I was keeping you safe. From the moment I found out I had you inside of me, I loved you, and nothing will ever change that.

Two years ago today, you were crawling around, barely able to say “Mama”, but you made me feel so loved. I think that Pappy bought you some snacks for me to put at my desk and Grammie got you some shirts for me. They helped to make our first Mother’s Day together feel special, and I know that they love being part of our lives. Daddy and I were just about to get engaged, but you and I had no clue how much more love we were about to share.

Last year, we had just recently moved into our house and you were getting excited about me having a baby. You were walking up the steps with lots of help from us, talking up a storm, and growing like a weed. We spent that Mother’s Day at your Grammie the Great’s with some of our family at a cookout. Kiddo, you are so lucky to have an awesome extended family.

This year, we haven’t really made any big plans, but I know that you will help make it memorable. You will bring me lots of smiles right from the start when you climb out of your bed and yell, “Mama! Good Morning!” then ask to come snuggle in the big bed with me, Daddy, and baby Evan. We will probably do some couponing (you love to shop like Mama and Grammie and Pop Pop), and maybe watch some of your shows. Both you and Evan will make me so happy to be a mom, just like you do every day.

Little one, I want you to know that although some days being the mother of a smart, sassy, and beautiful 2-year-old isn’t easy, it is the best job I’ve ever had. There are days when I am hard on myself because I work a lot and don’t get as much time with you as I’d like, but you smile and are happy to take me to work and see me come home. That makes my day, everyday. I see so much of me in you, and I am so proud of how smart you are (even if we have to think about how much of a sponge you really are!).

Life will probably throw you hurdles, but I want to be there every step of the way. When you have tears, I want to be able to wipe them away. When you are hungry, I want to be able to give you food. When your hair is in knots, I will try my best to get them out without pulling too hard. When you are scared, I want to send the boogie-man packing. When you are heartbroken, I want to help you pick up the pieces. When you are sick, I want to hold you and make it better. And I want to be there for all the good times, successes, accomplishments, and adventures that I know are soon to come your way.

When you grow up, I hope you are able to look back and remember these days we had together, and tell your children about how honored you are to be their mom. I hope you never forget how happy I am to be your mom and how excited I am to watch you grow into a beautiful lady. Hopefully you will remember this Mother’s Day as an enjoyable one with me!


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