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Evan is giving Arianna the lowdown on his 4 year well visit. It goes like this…

“So, I had to take off my shoes, shirt, and pants and could only wear my unders and socks. It was funny.”

But if you had been in the room, our shy guy would’ve shown you something different. “Nurse, can I have a gown? It’s cold.” And then he told me he was scared of “the orange thing that taps my knees”, which was his favorite part of the whole visit anyways.

Besides the shots, the whole thing went well. He took me because his daddy needs to sleep for work (he’s been caring for me all day…I caught something and was down for the count today) and, as Evan says, “I am braver with you“. I still don’t get that, maybe it’s the fact he feels safe because of being in my belly? Not sure, but I’d choose his brave daddy over me anyday.

So yeah. The shots. I had to bribe him with lime sherbet and the nurse with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And snuggled him hard. He was not happy, saying the bandaids upset his tummy.


But as he told his sister? The way the story will always be in his mind? “I was brave and did good.” And yeah. He’d be right. Getting a shot is never fun, so I commend him for finding some comfort in the 4 mile drive home…or that sherbet.

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