About “Us”

Hi! I am Becky, the mom behind ‘lil Burghers.

Photo by Michelle Hammons
Photo by Michelle Hammons

Why blog about my kids?

In 2010, I took years of blogging experience and decided to dedicate space on the internet about life raising my kids. At that point, we were just an ordinary family of three. We had just moved into our first home and were expecting the balancer to our lives, our ‘lil boy. It seemed like the perfect time to start jotting down all the ‘lil things in life that made us whole.


When I started this blog, I made a promise to myself that this space would be a place to remember our lives, but also a place to share with moms like me ways that our lives can be just a ‘lil bit easier. The end result of the blog should be a place my kids will be able to go as a biography of their lives, a cookbook for their comfort food, and a way to remember their mom.

How have we changed since starting out?

Things have changed a lot since starting to blog (on this and other spaces of the web). Some of the highlights to bring you up to speed:

  • In early 2008, I was a teacher living in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and had just ended an abusive relationship and spent the next nine months learning about myself and the baby girl growing inside me. When I had Arianna, I decided to quit my teaching career and move home to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to start something new.
Photo by Robert Armstrong
Photo by Robert Armstrong
  • Days before moving home, I fell madly in love with a dear friend and the rest was history. Within six months, he had moved here with us and we were getting married.
  • I started a career in Information Technology support / analysis / administration in 2009 and have since then worked hard to climb the corporate ladder (slowly, but surely) and maintain a work/life balance that allows me to spend time growing my career and my family.
  • The birth of Evan in late 2010 left me feeling balanced yet broken. I had a man who loved me and two beautiful children, but I was living very unhealthy and teetering the scales at 300 pounds.
Photo by Michelle Hammons
Photo by Michelle Hammons
  • In 2011, I took the reins on my life and started an ongoing weight-loss journey. Between eating healthy and running, I have lost 130 pounds. Writing about my loss (see my 100 pound post) has helped me stay true to the journey and inspire others to do the same. Most of all? I gained years of my life back with and for my kids.
  • In 2014, we put our first house up on the market and jetted off to Aruba to celebrate five beautiful years together. We came home pregnant and found a larger home in a suburb outside Allegheny County.
  • In 2015, our fraternal twin daughters Ava and Isla were born.

What common themes will you find around here?

The more you get to know my writing, the more you know I am passionate about my kids, my city, running, yoga, breastfeeding, healthy living, work, and trying new things.

I want moms to know that they can be a mom but still be themselves. Being a mom isn’t always easy, but that’s what our village is for. I am forever grateful for mine.

Where else can we connect?

I invite you to connect with ‘lil Burghers in the following spaces:

Email: lilburghers@gmail.com

Twitter: @lilburghers

Facebook: ‘lil Burghers

Instagram: @mrsgregwillis

Pinterest: @mrsgregwillis

YouTube: lilburghers

How can you work with us?

If you are a brand looking for ways to work with ‘lil Burghers, I’d love for you to click here and find out more about how to work with me.

2 thoughts on “About “Us””

  1. Hello,
    I just discovered your blog and absolutely love it- read and looked through all I could it was so enjoyable!!

    We would love for you to write for our campaigns. I read you have a dog and I am hoping you are interested in writing a review for us for Pedigree or Cesar.

    Please let me know as the campaign closes on Tuesday.
    THANKS and keep up this amazing work!

  2. Nice to meet yinz. I follow your blog on facebook, but I haven’t commented before. I love your candor. I wish I could share as openly as you. I blog, too. But mostly sporadically and not all about my fam. You guys are great! And your hubby is a cutie. Cheers!

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