A Zoo Day

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Today was a Zoo day for us. The trip was planned basically last-minute to get a picture for a #tbt, honestly. But the kids really proved themselves out yesterday and this morning, so they more than earned this “surprise”.

Note – posts on this blog may contain affiliate links. 

Admittedly, we don’t get to the zoo enough. We had to think about it – had the girls been there yet? The answer was yes, but was the Ice Cream Fundae the first time? We still aren’t sure, sorry girls. We will be remedying our lack of zoo time with more trips because oh.my.goodness did the kids love this day.

First, we were excited to try out our freshly bought Graco double stroller (the girls have moved on up in size and the Snap n’ Go). But, as always, getting to the zoo and actually walking around with a double stroller was a bit of a pain. Though watching the girls react to the animals and seeing the Bigs light up at their reactions made it all better.

The Bigs had to get measured by the elephants, of course.

zoo day

We had to adjust Ava’s seat so she could see, and even carried her for a little bit (wishing we’d brought some baby carriers with us – but testing out the stroller was top of our list).


Isla really enjoyed sitting out front, telling everyone (especially the elephants and monkeys) hi!


I hung out on the beach with Ari and Evan at the Islands.

Pittsburgh Zoo Islands

And Greg got a chance to sit with all four of his kiddos in the shark tank.


What a great day it was for a zoo day!

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