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Happy Labor Day!

Today is the unofficial end to summer, and as a working mom, I can say that I am glad it’s come to an end. Labor Day is typically one of my favorite holidays because of that. It’s a day I can relax and appreciate what others worked for so that we all can work*.

This year, I’m starting to put some things into action when it comes to my career. I’ve come up with a bucket list of things I’d like to accomplish in my work-life, especially since I am not working in the field I went to college for. Hopefully in my next 37 or so years of work (figuring SS will allow me to retire by 70), I will…

  • Become a certified Business Analyst
  • Become a certified Salesforce.com Developer
  • Become a certified Salesforce.com Service Cloud Administrator (on top of the Admin cert I have for Salesforce currently)
  • Take on a leadership role, hopefully in IT or Customer Relations (would love social media / web chat support)
  • Get certified to teach spin class
  • Get a Yoga 200-hour certification
  • Open a yoga studio…and an ice cream shop…for people who love their bodies but love food too. 😉
  • Write a book

These things would be my personal work bucket list. It’s evolving, but because I work for a company that allows and encourages growth, I see windows and doors that could be opened beyond this. That’s how I went from being a temp to a QA analyst to a metrics guru to support to a BA in a short period of time.

While this isn’t exactly related to raising the kids, it sort of is. I want my kids to have dreams and work toward them, regardless of what may stand in their way. Last night I asked Arianna and Evan what they wanted to be when they grow up (which you may have seen on Periscope). Arianna wants to scoop ice cream and Evan wants to be a tattoo artist. If that’s what they want to be, I know they’ll kick butt at it (and have mommy as their most frequent customers). Dream Big, kids. Dream Big.

* Contrary to some belief that I’ve seen circulating on Facebook, Labor Day is not a celebration specifically of our military (although they are part of the celebration). It was created to honor the working people and what it took to get here (perhaps you’re interested in The President’s weekly address that discusses this if you disagree).

Ice Cream at Jeni’s in Columbus – an inspiration for my dreams

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