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I’ve heard that most of shopping in the coming year or two will be online. This year, I would be safe to say we’ve utilized the heck out of online shopping opportunities. Boxes are arriving on our doorsteps, and there were no paper coupons to clip. Just great deals on super products.

There are a lot of great discount sites out there, so it could be hard to pick one to get started on. Mr. Burgher shared a great opportunity with me–No More Rack. I scoured the site, and there seemed to be a lot of benefits to shopping the site. Of course, I did a little bit of research to make sure it wasn’t a nomorerack scam, and was pleased with the nomorerack reviews I came across.

Why do I make it a point to check out the site on a daily basis? There are a lot of great benefits to shopping here…

When you first go to nomorerack.com, you will find 8 Daily Deals. If it is close to noon, and you see they are sold out–be patient. Eight new deals are about to go live! They sell out quick, especially if they are deep discounts. These deals are beyond fabulous, I have seen “normal” savings of 70% off designer items. You can’t beat that, right?

Well, actually, you can. There are also Insanity Deals that pop up during the month and can save you lots–we are talking around 95% or more! You really have to click on them when they are available and hit buy–impulse buyers, beware because you are going to become addicted quickly. These prices really can’t be beat, and if you have a wide range of people to buy for, these are perfect opportunities to pick up a gift on the fly and “cheap”.

Speaking of flying, shipping is another great benefit to shopping here. All items have a $2 flat fee for shipping in the United States (unfortunately, international shipping is not available). That means no matter what you buy (computer or headphones or clothes), it is only going to cost you an extra two dollars to get in your hands.

One final thing I love is sharing the site with friends. The more friends you invite, the better. Some deals are based on the number of friends you have, and you can get the daily Friend Deal for free if you have the right number of friends. What a great opportunity! If you’ve signed up and don’t have many friends, then there is also a daily free deal (all you do is pay shipping).

Seriously, could it be any better? You know how us ‘Burghers love deals, so you better believe we are keeping our eyes on these ones…and think you should, too. …and go! 😉

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