A Tough Time of It

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Somehow, someway, the past 5 weeks have completely whisked by. It’s hard for me to believe it is mid-March. March 15, to be exact about it.

The past 5 weeks have been spent head down deep in a project roll out (that hasn’t been free of bumps along the way, nor do I know when I’ll get back to my “normal” work routine). Sometime during the past five weeks, the team I used to work closely with moved to another building and my “stuff” moved to my new cube in another building.

I’m not saying I’ve not had time spent building new relationships – that’s quite the opposite. The thing is, I’m missing the daily conversations I got to have with my close work friends. It’s been two months since really having girl time. We’ve not been doing as much with my family (thank you, winter and busy schedules). And I’m kinda having a tough time of it when it.

There, I said it.

I don’t feel alone. Frankly, sometimes I have to tell the kids and the dogs to “please not be so overwhelming”. I’m spending long days with a pretty awesome team of (primarily) women working on this roll-out. I’ve been building my business. I’ve gotten a chance to see some of my blogging friends a few times this month.

I just don’t feel connected outside of my four walls. 

I’m trying. I really am. Spring is coming. I’ve been out for a few runs the past two weeks. I’ve treated myself to some good coffee (oh, how I’ve missed good coffee). I painted my toenails and nails.

It’s time to turn this feeling around and get my chin up where it was back in December. Who is with me?

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