A Thankful Birthday

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Today we celebrated The Bigs, a thankful birthday party filled with food, fun, and family. Just the way we like it.


With an October birthday for Arianna and a December birthday for Evan, we try to go with the middle road and celebrate both in November. While it’s confusing for Evan in December, it’s a nice way to separate his day from the holiday hustle and bustle.

Arianna turned 8 on October 5 and Evan will be 6 on December 17. 


It was a day filled with food – the highlight of which was this cake (and cake pops) from Tasty Bakery, an adorable cake shop in Pittsburgh. I totally contemplated running away, just me and the cake because it was so delicious. And the icing was incredible and edible. I’m really blown away by Beverly’s talent.

cake shop pittsburgh

The day was fun, full of laughs (especially comparing Ava to Aunt Wink) and smiles. The kids got some neat gifts and are thankful for their piggy bank builds (because they hope to put it toward a Disney trip with their new suitcases – they’ve been begging since I got home and getting new suitcases upped the ante). Isla made us all giggle with her selfies that kept our family photo from being pinterest perfect but made it this is us perfect.


And of course, there was family. The glue that holds us together. If you peek in the top left of the photo above, you’ll see the kids four years ago. My, how they’ve grown in front of our eyes. Knowing they’ve grown up with all four of their grandparents, several great aunts and uncles, and uncles and aunts who are so very much part of their lives warms my heart. It’s truly a very thankful birthday, indeed. Thank you to everyone who was part of today being so special. Love you all lots! xoxo

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