A Month Ago

In the last month, ‘lil Miss A has…

* Gained almost 2 pounds, every ounce of it in height. 3T pants are loose on the waist but as short on her ankles as petite pants are on me. Hello, 4T and belts.

* Been in need of a haircut, but I held off due to her 4 pics. Now, her hair is a good 2 inches longer. Our baldy has turned into a rapunzel. She apparently prefers her side bangs, I need to convince her a trim is ok.

* Learned that A closes on top and isn’t the same as H. She’s also mastered the ABC tracing app and learned how to write ‘lil Man’s name and either stole a friend’s paper or learned how to write his name. I talked to get about lying, stealing, and how that conflicts what Jesus would do, she said “He knows the truff”, k?

* She’s struggled with being an old three and not being in the class with her old friends, but is learning to make do.

* Taught ‘lil Man how to say “God is good” before chowing down.

* Fallen in love with the Pirates, even if their season us pretty much a bust. Tonight she asked for one more game before the season is over, but that’s a no…Mama isn’t giving up the games with Daddy!

* Grown so much since this picture, taken exactly one month ago.


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