Today was a cozy day. I believe ‘lil Man and I caught a virus. (I had a flu shot, he didn’t.)

After a very rough night of sleep for me, I woke to workout. When trying to roll out of bed, I could hear my heart beating in my head. Besides waking to get some toast and a banana, I was in bed until 5:30 and spent the evening on the couch.
Luckily,  I found some cozy accessories to accompany me and feel a bit better.  No more cold chills or headache, I will take that.

Tomorrow,  no more excuses. It is back to the workout grind (how much is Biggest Loser inspiring YOU?). Thos crud has been given an eviction notoce. As of tomorrow, I have 3 months to drop 24 pounds and meet me-100# goal by the day I turn 30.

I’ve got this.

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