38 Weeks: The Outside Version

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The twins have now been on the outside for longer than they were inside.

It’s incredible to think about how quickly they have grown and become two amazing blessings. Time’s flown so much that I’m not sure I’ve shared with you that…


  • Has started to crawl. She still prefers belly rolls and army crawls to anything else.
  • Said her first word, Isla, a few weeks back.
  • Weighs more than Isla (what?).
  • Is still attached to her (self-named) “Neeny” (aka “LaLa”). So much so that it stinks and when we wash it and try to trick her with Isla’s giraffe, she gets upset. It’s starting to come apart, so a new one is in order. Wish us luck.
  • Is wearing 9 month clothes.
  • Is still the quiet one (are we surprised).


  • Needs baby gates. She is crawling all over and has been known to do down dogs. The day of pulling herself up is fast approaching.
  • Says lots of words, but still prefers Dada to any other word. Especially when Mama is mean and is paying attention to that other baby.
  • Tries to get into Ava’s crib. Or at the least, pull her blankets and toys off of her.
  • Is wearing 9 month clothes.
  • Squawks. We’re not sure if she is part dinosaur, seagull, or parrot, but she’s s squawker.

Thirty-eight weeks. I can’t even comprehend it. It’s about time to start planning their first birthday party, huh? Sigh. They warned me this would happen, but even as a third-time mom, I didn’t believe them.

Happy 38 weeks (plus a few days), girls. xoxo


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