38 Weeks: April Babies

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I specifically remember prancing into one of my first ob appointments with Dr. K and announcing I was so carrying the twins to 40 weeks, wasn’t nothing going to stop me. He smiled, probably took a note, then told me 39 weeks is usually “it” for twin gestation with a repeat c-section. I didn’t care. I was having April babies, the later the better.

The months went on and I totally thought I could do it. In January, I had my first contractions (associated with a stomach bug) and started to panic. They couldn’t come early and needed to bake longer. Those stopped and the weight started to come on. Next thing I knew, we were discussing accurate due dates and 6 week out scheduling…looking at April 7 (39 weeks) as the latest birthday for the twins. The best we could do at the point of scheduling was April 3. I was slightly bummed to not make it 40 weeks let alone 39, but okay.

Then HELLO 37 WEEKS. The week of my life when all I did was complain and plead and beg for someone to please deliver the babies. Dr. K and Dr. S looked for any reason, but miserable is not one. A nurse was able to make some changes and bump surgery up one day, to April 2. I spent hours in triage hoping for progression, praying for relief.

After 9 days of contractions, my 38 week appointment on Tuesday confirmed that these babies want to go nowhere and I am 100% not dilated. Just tired and ready. I feel new this week. The babies dropped, but nowhere near my pelvis. The prayers took away my pains and intense contractions. The rest took away my swelling (and I lost a pound even though I am confident I have never ate more in my life than I did this week).


So here we are. The morning of 38 plus 1. The last NST, as a precaution to not miss something that should send me to the OR. The day before our twins will be born. I cannot sleep. I am ready.

A few facts to remember:

Weight gain: 60 pounds exactly from 1st to last appointment. Have you seen that tummy? It’s heavy. I gained the most with this pregnancy (by 5 pounds) but am carrying 2 plus approximately 20 pounds of fluid that I didn’t with the other two (thank you, “spring”).

Work: As long as the NST goes ok, I will come home to work today…just like I did with my first births…all the way up to the last minute. I even pushed out a deployment package last night before bed. I know.

Surprise: We continue to not know if our fraternal twins are girls, boys, or one of each. When Dr. K brings them out of my belly, we will finally find out.

First breakfast: Became a 4ish AM thing and kept up with me through most of this pregnancy. I had a bagel an hour ago and will eat again before we head to Magee. Tomorrow morning I will be miserable without eating.

Morning sickness: I can use both hands to show you how many times I got sick this pregnancy. I’m proud and impressed that this time was so healthy (minus last week’s scares).

Alright! In 25.5 hours, our babies will be here. What you can expect from this shareaholic is a fun name teaser in the wee hours of the morning, a generic post on social media to say how things went in the mid-morning from the recovery room, then names / photos after the kids and grandparents and uncle have met the babies (and the aunts been sent news). Some of you may get texts from us or our parents, but we ask that you respect our right to share the “official” news publicly first, please. Thank you for prayers and support as our family grows!

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  1. Congrats! What an exciting time for your family. Praying for everything to go smoothly and safely too!

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