#35DayProject Weekly Update

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared what I’ve been up to for Tiffany’s 35 Day Project. Time to share! Comment below with any random acts of kindness you’ve been up to.

Monday 3/18: Donated to Haitian Families First for a milk drive through Crowd Tilt (unfortunately, the fund didn’t “tilt”)

Tuesday 3/19: Adjusted the rugs in my building’s lobby. I am so afraid someone is going to slip or trip!

Wednesday 3/20: Cleaned up the coffee area at work. No more spilled goods, and everything was filled back up. 🙂

Thursday 3/21: Made coffee in the break room when the pot ran out–I don’t even drink the work coffee, but I know I made my co-worker’s day when he didn’t have to make a fresh pot.

Friday 3/22: Brightened the team’s day by being a gum fairy–gave everyone a pack of gum (and hence made a teeny, tiny dent in our stockpile). 😉

Saturday 3/23: Really simple…but I was at Market District and the banana peppers and jalapeno peppers were marked in reverse. An elderly woman behind me in line almost took the jalapenos because they were mis-marked. I told her they were, then changed the markers.

Sunday 3/24: I cannot remember what I did–although I am pretty sure I did something 🙁

Monday 3/25: Filled in to lead a conference call for a co-worker.

Tuesday 3/26: On-boarded a new Team Member when my co-worker had to re-arrange her schedule.

Wednesday 3/27: Fulfilled my giving to Haitian Families First

Source: http://talltalesfromasmalltown.blogspot.com

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