Kennywood 2012

Sunday seemed like the perfect day for a trip to Kennywood, so off we went! The day was spent in Kiddieland, and we were surprised how ‘lil Man wasn’t as into it as we expected. A had an amazing time, but ‘lil Man was a bit scared to leave our side.

Take the Whip for instance. He was great when it whipped toward us, but started bawling as the Whip went away. It was a complete coaster of emotions for ‘lil Man.

And the Mouse Pounce and Crazy Trolley (which we rode with them) had him clinging to the bar for dear life.

Of course, he really liked playing with the ducks (until we had to walk away).

A was a ham, riding rides with no care in the world. One of her favorites was the motorcycles.

And who doesn’t like the carousel?

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