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In April, I attended a conference for work (HDI). The first session I attended was about having a 30-second Pitch. You want to be able to capture your audience in the brief time you might have with them and make yourself stand out among the crowd. I’ll be using tips learned in that session to help me while I am at Blogher ’13 this weekend.

The strategy I used was put together by Dana Olson, IT guru. Her method is powerful, and I highly suggest you reach out to her if you want to hear the fine print details (she has a GREAT worksheet). No worries, if you are going to BlogHer (or any other conference for that matter), my description should give you the basics to put your own pitch together and be ready to meet and greet then start networking your way to meet your goals.

The first thing you have to do is consider your audience. In my case, I’ll probably have two different audiences this weekend—fellow bloggers and companies/brands that I could build a relationship with for reviews, promotions, and fun for this blog. For the purpose of this exercise, I’ll be sharing with you my strategy for talking to the brands (because if you’re a fellow BlogHer attendee, I want to meet you and wow you in person versus you knowing what to expect). So, who is your audience and what do you want to get from that audience? Be ready to include that in your pitch.

As story tellers, the next part should be easy—you tell a clear story. In that story, be sure to include your who, what, and why. Bonus points for including some stats and powerful words. Just choose carefully, don’t come off as bragging.

You want your message to be brief—that’s why this is called a 30-second pitch. Brands have thousands of bloggers waiting in line to get some swag, make a connection, or just be thanked for the last year of sponsorship. They don’t have time for every single 5 minute conversation. Make the pitch, prepare to just leave your card, and let them take the connection from there. (By the way, if you have a great hook, take the opportunity to ask if now’s a good time to spend some more time talking, and always thank them for their time and feedback.)

So now that you have the basics, here’s the example of how I’ll be introducing myself to brands, giving them my “who, what, why” and setting the tone of the next steps in our relationship.

Hi, I’m Becky Willis, working mom when the suns up and blogger when the sun goes down. My blog, ‘lil Burghers, is about how preserving the memories as I attempt to keep my kids, husband, and self happy and healthy. Readers come to my site to hear about parenting, weight loss, and life in Pittsburgh. In the last year, my blog readership has gone from a few readers here and there to 600 uniques a month. Since I clearly love to keep busy, I’m not done there–I am looking to double my readership in the next year, form brand relationships, take my kids to at least two new states, and run another half marathon. Through my blog, I hope to preserve the memories made while meeting these goals. Would now be a good time to talk to you about how you can help me meet some (or all!) of these goals?

What do you think? Does it describe me? Should I go back to the drawing board? I am sure I will not get this whole pitch in every time—there are some brands where it will make sense to talk about weight loss and others where it would help to talk about how travel and experiences are important to my family. It’s going to be a “feel it out” approach, and the best part of networking is that you have that opportunity to give them a little and keep the conversation going.

If you’re at BlogHer and want to see how this works for me, tweet me @mrsgregwillis to check in. Also, on the meeting other bloggers side—you will probably have a few 30-second elevator rides. Give your new friend 15 seconds of you, get 15 seconds of them. This isn’t all about you this weekend. Now let’s go network!

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