22 Months, Our Shy Guy

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‘lil Man,

Today you turned 22 months old and Mama and Daddy both got to spend all day with you (up until you finally crashed 20 minutes ago just after 11 o’clock). What a joy that was!

In the last month, your vocabulary has exploded, but you are very shy around new people. Instead, you tend to cling to daddy (he’s your other comfort in addition to Baby and your fingers).

You still love meat–tonight’s steak dinner was no exception. You ate about half of Mama’s serving! Bacon is your favorite, by far, but you’ll gladly take protein over carbs and veggies.

Not too much else has changed, you’re still our peanut and cute as can be (have you seen the photo from Arianna’s fourth birthday?!?!).

We love you lots, and hope you enjoyed your day.

Mama and Daddy

Tie Dye

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