2015: The Chocolate Covered Strawberry

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I just had an emotional moment in my kitchen. 2014 is gone, 2015 is here. It’s time to think about new things that a new day, a new month, and a new year can bring us. It all started with me eating the chocolate covered strawberry then it kind of spiraled into pulling out my computer (on a holiday, something I told myself I wouldn’t do) and getting words out.

You see, I ate this amazing chocolate covered strawberry. It was the last one of six that Greg got me for Christmas from my favorite local chocolatier (yes, we have those in Kittanning). The chocolate was still perfectly crisp, the syrup from where the chocolate and strawberry meet overwhelmingly sticky and the berry just the perfect amount of bittersweet. It really was probably the last day to have enjoyed it, and enjoy it I did.

Just like I enjoyed 2014. So it got me thinking back across the year and about my writing. There were so many things I was proud of that my ‘lil family did and that I shared with you, and some things I didn’t (which I regret). Arianna started Kindergarten and went to three different schools in the first 11 weeks (due to our moves). Evan began Head Start and has amazed his teachers (and parents) with his smarts and independent personality (he’s not just the “Repeat” in the “Pete and Repeat” pair of last year). Between our frugality, becoming timeshare owners, and my Thirty-One business, I was able to pay in cash to take Greg to Aruba as a surprise for our fifth anniversary (and I think think this is the only photo I shared). Greg rocked at getting our home prepped to sell, sold, packed, and moved. We all worked out together, the adults became Beachbody Coaches (until I got pregnant and sidelined) and ran 17 miles of the Pittsburgh Marathon relay, because we want to LIVE WELL and together. We went to Disney with 19 other family members (wait, no blog???) a month after we lost our Grandma. We traveled to Wisconsin (and desperately want to go back) and camped at one of my favorite campgrounds for 4th of July. I fell in love with Columbus and applied for a job there (but God kept us in Pittsburgh for two good ‘lil reasons). We did so much together, grew and became stronger. We’ve been a family for almost six years now — something I would not have imagined six years ago today.

But then after I ate that amazing strawberry, I started to think about how I was still hungry. How I needed a ‘lil something more because it wasn’t dinnertime and everyone else was napping. It led to eating week-old banana bread (which was an underwhelming sensory experience after that berry) and to me really thinking about choices and how sometimes we can’t take them back.

Like what I write about here on this blog. Yes, it got me wondering if I should hush my voice out on the internet and no longer share our lives with you. Wondering if I was enough to really write our story. And that’s how I ended up in the rabbit hole of reading 19 pages of content and feeling just as underwhelmed as I felt after eating that stale bread. There was a lot of sponsored content (which was good for a few extra perks in the year) but not nearly enough meat from our lives and way too many cell phone photos (when I have a perfectly good DSLR that needs to re-earth its presence). It made me want to make 2015 the year of the Chocolate Covered Strawberry and not the year of the banana bread, to make every moment worth tasting and enjoying, and not to follow it up with something underwhelming and dull.

So I sat down to reflect and to write, to think about where I want this year to take us. It will start with my word of the year, “overwhelmed”. My hope is to be overwhelmed with God’s love in our lives and to be able to reflect on the blessings with joy and not “meh” reactions. Let’s bring some more love and light into the world around us and not be so down on ourselves…we are enough and we are worth that chocolate covered strawberry. Let’s be overwhelmed with joy in 2015 – you with me?


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