2015: I’m Overwhelmed

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2015, I’m overwhelmed. You did it. You were exactly what I’d hoped you’d be and more. Overwhelming. In the best ways.

As my Instagram profile states…[I am] Overwhelmed daily by my kids, my work, my blog, and the love of God. All these moments are my blessings. Couldn’t ask for more.

Seriously. This year. This year has been so amazingly overwhelming. Let’s take a look back at my favorite memories.



The year started off slow. I’ll admit – I was sad. Being pregnant with twins, lots of things were changing. My weight. My eating. My travel (I missed our annual girls’ trip following a really bad attempt the year before). And I was sad. I didn’t talk about it, but looking back, I want to. I want to tell you all that there should be one more sweet life in the McPherson family that isn’t here with us on earth. Starting the new year, I felt guilt for the blessing of another baby (two babies). I felt like I didn’t deserve this when two people I loved so much were hurting so much. And then I complained. And cried. Because I wasn’t the same me I had been. So selfish.

And then…so scared. The same weekend I was so far down in the dumps, the kids started barfing everywhere. Greg was at work (overnight) and there was pregnant me trying to clean it all up. I prayed so hard that sleepless night that I wouldn’t get it…but an hour before he got home, I started and couldn’t stop (to the tune of going to the hospital because I was dehydrated and having contractions). It was scary, but I prayed and was sent home later that night. Arianna and I tried to bounce back quickly and look cheerful, but admittedly, this was a tough time for me.


It was close, but I made it!
It was close, but I made it!

Soon though, Evan decided he wanted a haircut. So it was time to say goodbye to his surfer locks and hello to a boy that we didn’t recognize. Somehow, this change brought a change in me and I was ready to take on the rest of the year, overwhelmed in a good way.

In the month of love, I was reminded of so much love in my life. Like remembering Grandma on a day that my co-workers threw the twins a shower. Getting an ice cream cake from Greg (with our signature tagline from our getting together, “It is what it is“.) And even with snuggles from my fur baby (and her brother).


Photo taken and copyrighted by Michelle Hammons | Photographer (2015)
Photo taken and copyrighted by Michelle Hammons | Photographer (2015)

This month started non-stress tests with the babies. Our schedules got extremely crazy. I was trying to balance work, weekly hospital visits, weekly doctor visits, and staying relaxed. Greg was preparing the house (and nursery) while working all night and taking care of the big kids’ school and fun.

We thought the babies were going to come early, but nope. They kept me in latent labor for eleven days and let Greg keep his birthday / birth month all his own.


Holding both girls
Holding both girls

This month was simply amazing. On the 2nd, our third and fourth babies arrived. It was absolutely the best. (We’ll try to forget the re-opening of my incision followed by 9 weeks of daily nurse care until I was healed, mmmkay?)

We even were able to attend a cousin’s wedding, celebrate my birthday, learn to wear the babies, and enjoy some time with family.

Really…there’s not much more to say!



During this month, we kept it mostly low key, allowing ourselves to be overwhelmed with smiles and giggles from all four kids. It was quietly amazing. There were a few special moments sprinkled in (field trips with Evan, a day out with my cousin, another cousin’s baby shower, and working in the yard) that added to the right amount of overwhelmed.



Kohl’s absolutely overwhelmed us in June. They’d noticed my posts about Greg being the super-dad he is, and decided to surprise him for Father’s Day. This precious weekend will definitely stand out in our lives! (Thank you, again, Kohl’s!)

Greg’s sister got married, so off to Charleston we went, too. Greg’s parents were here for a long visit (our moms definitely made the feeling of being overwhelmed with four ‘lil ones a LOT less than it should have felt).

I went back to work…because honestly, I don’t make a good stay-at-home parent. But no mommy wars tonight, you know?



Greg and I got to reconnect as a couple (plus twins) so many times in July. Like the #bucsocial night at PNC Park, our 6th anniversary bike ride then winery visit, and gardening.

We also got a chance to travel to NYC for blogging conferences (where the twins and I met Anne Geddes, we all took in a mini Boyz II Men concert) and Columbus for the Thirty-One conference. What amazingly overwhelming blessings my “other jobs” have brought to our lives!

The big kids got some time away, too. Time to be spoiled in a good way!



This was a quiet month. Sometimes when you are overwhelmed, it’s good to be quiet. Our ‘lil cousin helped out a lot. We went to the Farmer’s market a lot. It was a good time to be overwhelmed by the beauty of summer!



We were able to sneak away to Columbus before the kids went back to school.

Arianna going to first grade was the best kind of overwhelming. She’s SO SMART and amazes us every single day with her brains and artistic talent.

And the most overwhelming of all? I found our church. It felt so good to find a place I feel comfortable, welcomed, and full of faith. (I looked over at Greg during Christmas Eve at my dad’s church and held back tears as I asked him “What do you think they are doing at our church tonight?” — hint…they were sending up lanterns to symbolize the Light!)



We have a seven year old. A seven year old. Seriously. Is there anything more overwhelming than that? Our family is growing up way too fast. (And Evan got his grown up haircut!)

We took our full hands and hearts on a mini getaway to Virginia, a much due time away as a family.

And speaking of hearts, we were able to do the Heart Walk as a family, too. Arianna and Evan walked the entire course!



While it seems like just yesterday, the month flew by. I started it in NOLA for work. But being back home with my family is sweeter than beignets!

The big kids had their birthday party, and the twins started moving. If I felt overwhelmed before, OH MY!



To top off the feeling of being overwhelmed, this month has been the peak of it! The holiday season is always a blessing, but this one, our first as a family of six, was something special. Watching our kids want to give to others yet still let their eyes light up by our tree.

Looking back at the past 12 months, I can’t attribute the ability to balance all of the feelings of being overwhelmed to anything human (or super human). It’s all to the glory of God – He’s got us in our hands and is planning great things for the coming year!




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