2015 Best Nine

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This year, I focused a lot on my Instagram community. (Are you following me? @mrsgregwillis)

This was my place to be a little creative. To meet new friends. To share quick snippets of our life. To connect with fellow twin moms, new moms, breastfeeding moms, moms of 4, fit moms, working moms, bloggers…and more. Hashtag stalking has become my nursing time hobby.

For the most part, my 2015 Best Nine sure does show my favorite moments from 2015. Later, I plan to follow up with more top moments of the year that aren’t shown here…but these….ahhh. My moments.


1. The twins and my favorite outfit they’ve worn. Happened to be during the Thirty-one conference which is why I think the likes got so high.

2. An IG giveaway that connected me to other bloggers and followers. As I am trying to grow my online presence, this is pretty neat but not really the number two.

3. Wearing the babies together for the first time. In the Moby Wrap. The only time in the Moby (because then I found the ring slings and Weego). At like a week old in the glorious spring weather waiting for Ari to get home from school.

4. A #TBT to Evan’s birth…so many people thought the twins had arrived!

5. My #4thtrimesterbody at one week postpartum. I was tired but felt SO good. Thin (considering I just had twins). My incision had yet to re-open, so I was sure I could conquer the world.

6. To be honest, my favorite photo. It is one Greg shot late the day the girls were born. I’d been sharing them with family all afternoon and got to hold them both for some skin to skin. You can see how different they are and how happy they made me.

7. My second favorite! Greg and all of our babies, day one. He is such a loving Dad.

8. 38 weeks pregnant. I was DONE. I’d been in labor 9 days at that point and hurt so much…but still headed to work for two more days.

9. The re-make of our pregnancy announcement the night before I had the twins. Our big kids are so awesome at being the big ones!

I’ve enjoyed this look back at 2015!

Happy ‘gramming!

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