2014 Mulligan, Please?

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Bonus points for anyone who realized the post was originally published as “2013 Mulligan, Please?” That was a good year, and I don’t want to erase it…

About a week before Christmas, I started to feel “THE SICK” coming on. Greg had been sick for a week before that. By Christmas day, I was in need of a breathing treatment and antibiotics (but waited until the day after because who wants to be at the clinic on Christmas?). The next day, we headed to Myrtle Beach and the sick never went away.

For Arianna, it was either a virus or a reaction to food – that girl bounces back too fast.

For Evan, he’s been fairly lucky and just had a sniffle here, sniffle there.

For me, it was a cold that messed the crap out of my asthma and kept me from working out since Christmas Eve (although I logged my 2nd fastest mile ever, 10:16 on Sunday). I’ve had a horrible cough, headache, and chills pretty much non-stop since December 20th or so. Not so fun.

For Greg, he had the cold, a lingering cough, and now THIS. He woke this morning to 101 degree fever, nausea, and the worlds worst sounding vomit (NEVER SMOKE, PEOPLE, you’ll thank me when you get sick). Sorry to be so blunt, but it was awful. I got things settled for the day, he dropped Arianna at school and went straight to the clinic. Flu swab? Negative. Chest XRay? Pnuemonia.

2014-you’ve been not so fun. Can we get a mulligan?


If you don’t hear from me on this here blog for a few days, forgive me.

2 thoughts on “2014 Mulligan, Please?”

  1. Aw, that sounds absolutely horrible! I can’t believe you guys have been going through this since before Christmas 🙁
    I hope hubby feels better soon and that you all stay healthy!!

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