20 Months

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‘lil Man is celebrating his 20 month birthday tonight. This past month has flown by, and it’s no surprise that we keep wondering where our baby has gone.

He loves fist bumping, saying “Yeah Buddy”, and carrying “Baby” anywhere he goes (Baby is his stuffed monkey). Carseat jam sessions are also a favorite.

There are still hints that he’s not ready to grow up quite yet. When we were in the ocean, he clung to Mama (although Daddy would have been his best bet due to height and strength in the waves). Those fingers are still his comfy go to, and he must have Baby with him to sleep.

With the exception of our being careful with dairy, pretty much no food is off limits. Well, tomatoes are an out–he got Daddy’s genes there. Although he eats lots of food in mass quantities (bacon especially), the process of eating is a slow one.

Our cuddly ‘lil Man still loves sleeping in and taking long afternoon naps, another trait from Daddy.

Next thing I know, we’ll be getting ready for his second birthday. (Shh!)

Love you, ‘lil Man!

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