19 Months

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​It’s hard to believe, but the twins turned 19 months old today. 

Every time I see them walking, I am bugged out. They are so small yet so strong.

Speaking of small, their stats, according to Greg: Ava is in the 19th% in weight at 20lb 8.8oz. 9% for height at 30.5″ and 26% head. Isla is 6% weight and height at 19lb 1.5oz and 30.25″ and her big ol’ head is 67%.

And their personalities? OH MY. On Monday alone, we had these gems:
– Isla tried to sneak on an elevator at the hospital while visiting Uncle Jack.
– Ava asked everyone for “or treats” while trick or treating with the cousins.
– Isla snuck Simon’s hat and DTM quickly snapped this fun photo of them in the midst of their busy-ness:

Other things of note:
– They’ve moved to toddler beds!
– They love popcorn.
– They’re still not sure if they are vegetarians or carnivores…eating has become more picky!

Girls, I’m so thankful for you! Xoxo

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