17 Weeks (Give or Take)

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When are pregnant with twins and your 9 week old embryos measure almost 10 and your 14 week belly measures 17, things like having 18 week appointments and 20 week ultrasounds happen a little early. Related, your initial due date of April 20 slides to April 11 and your doctor warns you that could change after said ultrasound.

With this in mind, today was my 18 week checkup.  I wore a brand new shirt, courtesy of Kohl’s (I’m a member of their Yes2You rewards program and am testing some fun features out) and accented lightly with some of my cherished Premier Designs pieces (pss…we are partying in December and I want to see some faces).


At my appointment, I learned that…

I have gained 18 pounds. Eek. Doctor does not say eek. She says this is a big growth time and HELLO, I am carrying two babies. I was also fresh from breakfast and my morning water splurges.

My blood pressure is fine. This makes me happy, around 28 weeks with Evan it was scaring me and I spent a night in the hospital.

Baby A had a heart rate of 141. Baby B had a heart rate of 149. Baby C is a figment of imagination for Jess and Gina to argue over who raises.

My belly, which has carried three pregnancies and four babies, is measuring 22 weeks, so almost 5 weeks ahead. No wonder my lungs feel pressure.

The ultrasound is Monday, but I have sided with Greg. We want a surprise when it comes to the sex of the babies. It will be hard for this planner, but worth the magical feeling. If you’re wondering, that means 8 names need picked (2 firsts, 2 middles, times 2 for each sex) and 2 grey/white coming home outfits need bought with pink and blue accessories ready. Other than that, it’s white onesies!

This round has been much healthier and happier than the others, even with a lot of transition in our lives. We are grateful and excited and overwhelmed all at once.

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