16 Weeks

As much as I want to say our ‘lil girls need to stay little, watching them grow this past week has been incredible. Can you believe they turned 16 weeks old yesterday?


Our biggest noticeable changes were themed around longer this week…
Longer bodies (Isla got a tiny bit chunkier in her cheeks and arms).
Longer sleeps at night (one was 10 PM to 9 AM).
Longer stretches of being awake during the daytime.
Longer laughs.
Longer tummy time without tears.

And watch out for Ava. While both are rolling over, Ava will roll until she gets exactly where she wants.

Meanwhile, Isla wants her own phone so she can start a Pinterest board of her future life as a big city, NYC, girl. She would not stop looking and taking it all in during our trip to New York.

16 weeks. Every day has been a new and beautiful blessing.

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