14 Sleeps

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14 Sleeps (or less) until our lives change forever.

It has been a pretty smooth road, but these last weeks have been tough. I won’t bore you with the swollen feet stories or anything…they just have been tiring.

And tonight…I think I entered a new zone of crazy. Everything is bothering me. I have so much to do for work and my inbox keeps filling up with more to do in the next 10 days of work that I shouldn’t be in bed blogging but should be working instead. The big kids can’t keep their rooms clean or food and toys out of the living room. And Greg and I have had almost 0 time for each other in the last 8 days because he has been working. Because of all of this…my brain and mouth might have exploded tonight.

I admit it. Being independent and 36 weeks pregnant / barely able to move without something hurting isn’t easy physically let along mentally. Add in the insomnia and there you have it. I am a mess.

If I can just let go…I can get 14 more nights of sleep before I become a human milk machine and diaper derby referee. But maybe? Just maybe? Maybe I am ready to welcome these sweethearts into the world to remind myself of how incredible being a mom can be and how precious life is.

Babies? Mama is ready with open arms whenever you are. 

Because eventually these two will become big kids who have tantrums and put themselves down for a timeout nap.

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