10 Things ‘lil Burghers Need

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The other day, I posted a Top 10 List of things I needed as a Pregnant Mama. Tonight, I want to share with you our Top 10 List of things the babies rely on, again, in no particular order.

*Disclaimer*: I am going to name drop on several products; however, I am not getting any benefit from these reviews. My opinions on these products are based off my personal experiences and purchases of these goods. This is a post I have decided to do on my own without prompting from the companies. They are not sponsoring this blog and have not provided me with products.

1. Boppy Pillow Even as I write this post, Evan is snuggled up in the boppy between Greg and I on the couch. This has been a lifesaver as a place to put the kids so that they get some tummy time and independent time PLUS it’s been a huge help when nursing. When Arianna moved to her “big girl bed”, the Boppy had to go with her…and when we found out Evan was on the way, we had to come up with a sneak way to get the Boppy off of her. (Thanks to my Mom for finding her a pillow pet!) We started with a Bare Naked Pillow and added on a “Pink on Pink Soft Boa” cover for Arianna and a “Serengeti” cover for Evan. This was one of the fabulous gifts from one of Arianna’s baby shower.
Ari in her Boppy:

Evan in his Boppy:

2. Night-time Loveys Three things kept the ‘lil Burghers sane while they were babies–a clock (Arianna), rainforest mobile (both), and an amazing invention from Fisher Price, the Ocean Wonders Sooth & Glow Seahorse that has become Evan’s First Best Friend. These items soothed our kids when it was time to go to sleep and allowed for them to have nice stretches of sleep, very important for a mama and daddy.

3. Pacifiers So I am not the biggest fan of a paci/ni ni/binky, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Arianna used one for just a few weeks only because the hospital gave her one while I was in recovery. Thankfully, Magee doesn’t believe in giving nursing babies a paci, so Evan didn’t get addicted to one early on. He does, however, have a paci for a few hours each day and at night because when we first got home from the hospital, he needed an outlet for a hard sucking habit. Ari’s disappeared by week 4. Evan, at about 6 weeks, still has his, but he will suck on it for a few minutes then spit it out. Hopefully we will be able to break him of it before he even realizes we have.

4. Swaddling Call it new mom syndrome or lack of knowledge, but when Arianna was born, I returned a because I couldn’t figure it out. Wrapping her in receiving blankets was easier, even if the hospital thought Mallory and I didn’t know how to do it. She was my little burrito baby! Evan, however, has been rocking them at night. Since he was a bit bigger baby (9# 1 oz versus A’s 7# 6 oz), the blankets didn’t work as well. Thank goodness I decided to pick one up before he was born!

5. Swing My parents got Arianna a “Take Along Swing” which she and Evan both love. It is VERY low to the ground which is not exactly fun for a mama recovering from a c-section, but otherwise, it is easy to put in the car when going somewhere for the night. Honestly, I can only remember changing the batteries when we were preparing for Evan, but maybe I did have them changed when Ari was little. Either way, it lasts a good while and keeps the kids happy!

6. Bumbo Seat Evan isn’t old enough and doesn’t have the neck strength yet to try it out, but this was another one of the great shower gifts I got (from Mrs. ‘Ski!). Arianna was in it early, here she is just over 2 months, bonus points for rockin’ the Steeler gear, again! (Yes, Evan will be sitting in the pink one, oh well, ’cause real men wear pink, right?)

7. Jumperoo Again, another one for when they are older, but a lifesaver! Arianna would bounce for hours on end, and now has redic leg strength to prove it. It also has a revolving seat so they can see all the toys (ours is a slightly different model, but a busy mama has no time to search for the particulars).

8. Tub Our amazing friend, Ash, gave me a tub for Arianna that fits perfectly in a kitchen sink and has been handed down to Evan (you can see it under Evan’s 1st Bath (even though it’s another pink item). 🙂 This tub converts to a toddler tub (probably like most). Basic item, but they love it.

9. Daddy Cop out, but every little one needs special people in their life, and their Daddy is one of them! Here’s their first pics with Daddy! 🙂

10. And finally, Mama Again, a cop out, but our ‘lil boos really are the light of our lives! Here’s some gems of me and the babies during their first days.

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