Darien Lake: Our Visit

*articles may contain affiliate links* I worked with Darien Lake through a blogger partnership with US Family Guide. They sent us tickets for a visit in exchange for this post.

Summer is all about family fun and memories, right? Well, our fall has started and I’m really confused by the weather – it’s still been a bit steamy in Pittsburgh! We took advantage of this nice weather one weekend in September and took the kids and my bestie for a getaway to New York. One part of our visit was to Darien Lake amusement park, a highly suggested quick road trip from the Pittsburgh area!

(Note – if you’d like to visit Darien Lake, you’ll need to wait until 2018. Their Harvest Festival ran September 16 – October 1, extending the summer fun just a ‘lil bit!)

With plenty to do for kids and adults, I really felt this was the best park for our kids’ age range (2 to almost 9). Just like any good park, you enter through a midway of games, shops, and food, but once you get past that the entire park is walkable and not too spread out. The smaller kiddo area (Beaver Brothers Bay) is sort of in the middle of all the excitement, so if parents need to split up the older kids, it is nice and easy.

There really wasn’t anything ride-wise that we didn’t get to do in about 5 hours on a relatively quiet Sunday “fall” afternoon at the amusement park. Like I noted, we visited during the Harvest Festival; however, we never did get a chance to head over to the area with the food trucks and beer. (The kids were having too good of a time!)

Greg and Tom got to experience The Viper which celebrated its 35th “birthday” this summer. Greg says, “It was fun, it was pretty intense and I didn’t stop yelling until we came to a stop!” With several loops and a tunnel, it definitely belongs in Darien Lake’s “Thrill Ride” category!

Darien Lake The Viper

Missy and I kept things pretty low key, enjoying watching the kids but also laughing lots on Grizzly Run, a wet ride on “rapids”. (I’d really been wanting to ride a rapid ride with Greg, this was our first chance to do this because our local park closes our rapids down for the fall!)

We ended the day with a classic fish pond game, too! Our trip to Darien Lake was definitely full of fun and memories that will last a lifetime.

If you’d like to visit Darien Lake, check out their website for details on the 2018 season!

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Lottie Dolls: Birthday Girl Sophia

Disclosure: This post is a collaboration between this blog and Lottie Dolls. We were provided a Birthday Girl Sophia in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are 100% our own.

Tomorrow is a big day – our oldest ‘lil girl will turn nine! We celebrated a ‘lil bit tonight and shared with her a doll this mama is swooning over – the Lottie Dolls Birthday Girl Sophia! She was the perfect addition to Arianna’s doll collection – she already has a Lottie Doll and LOVES her – so both of us spent some time checking out all her cool features.

Lottie Doll

Birthday Girl Sophia is part of the Lottie brand, one created to empower kids to be themselves and engage in imaginative play. They are built proportionate to a nine-year-old child, can stand, and have realistic hair. The best part? They encourage both girls and boys not to grow up too quickly. (If you have to have her, head over to the Lottie Dolls site to find Sophia, Lottie, Finn and more friends!)

Our set came with a fun friend, Biscuit the Beagle, and adorable accessories like a tiny bone and dog bed. Arianna was quick to start imagining how Sophia and Beagle could be best of buds! (Head over here for information on how to purchase Biscuit.)

Our Experience: Birthday Girl Sophia and Biscuit the Beagle

I admit I hung onto Sophia a little longer than I wanted to because she was going to be perfect for Arianna’s birthday. I think it was worth the wait. Arianna loves realistic dolls (Lottie Dolls have flexible limbs – that’s one of the things she looks for in dolls), especially ones that have a theme or story. Sophia fits the bill perfectly. And the accessories that come in the Lottie Dolls Pets make for tons of imaginative play, too!

Check out this video to watch Arianna unbox Sophia and Biscuit. Listen for what I love most – Arianna just might agree with me! =)

Isn’t she just adorable? I’m thinking that Sophia (+ friends like Biscuit and other Lottie Dolls) are going to be a hit this holiday season…and top the birthday girl gift lists!

(PRO MOM TIP: Get Sophia now and keep her on hand for those surprise birthday party invites that sneak into your kids’ backpacks!)

If you’re in love like we are, join Club Lottie and follow Lottie on Facebook and Twitter! You can purchase any doll from the Lottie Dolls collection online at lottie.com.

Win Your Own Birthday Girl Sophia and Biscuit!

We love to spoil our fans and are sure you’ll love having a Sophia and Biscuit of your own! Enter our giveaway which is open to US Residents 18+ and ends at 11:59 PM on Sunday, October 15. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Experience the Power of Scrub Dots Sponges

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #ScrubWithDots #CollectiveBias

Come into my kitchen on any weeknight and you’re sure to find a pile of dishes and see happy bellies around a table. The pans and pots have likely cooked three or four different meals – all for our various palettes.

Confession: I’m not big on doing the dishes because I just hate the time it takes from the family and all the other things that I’ve signed myself up for. All too often, I’m leaving the dishes and messes for Greg to handle when he’s home during the day.

Scotch-Brite Scrub Dots SpongesSo you’re probably wondering why me, the dish maker not the dishwasher, is excited to share a Dollar General coupon deal with you for Scotch-Brite™ Brand  Scrub Dots sponges, right? I’m excited because they help to quickly tackle the mess that my kitchen is so I can get back to the things (and people!) I love…or ease the stress I put my husband through!

Scrub Dots coupon

Haven’t heard of the Scrub Dots sponges? Here are some details:

Experience the Power of Dots! Scotch-Brite’s new Scrub Dots sponges feature Scrubbing Dots technology that will help you clean away kitchen messes as they scrub fast and rinse clean. The new Scrub Dots sponges will tackle kitchen messes without trapping food.

Heavy-Duty Scrub Dots sponges (green) will help eliminate those baked on messes and the Non-Scratch Scrub Dots sponges (blue) will safely clean all cookware without scratching. Use the right tools for each surface and cleaning your home will be easier and faster!

Visit your local Dollar General and save $1 off any 2 on Scotch-Brite Scrub Dots Sponges!

With that coupon to save on these innovative sponges, I’ll be trying both versions – the blue on my glass stove-top and the green on the eggs that I baked (or burnt, depending on who you ask) into the casserole dishes.

What is your current kitchen hack? Which of these Scrub Dots Sponges do you need most in your life? 

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What We’re Reading: October 2

*articles may contain affiliate links* Recently, the kids’ school had a book fair. We didn’t send in money for them to buy books, so I had to deal with the tears of the Bigs when they said they weren’t included in the shopping fun. But not to despair – the school had a pile of free books (well-loved) that they could pick from.

You guys. MOM GUILT. My kids likely are pegged the kids whose parents don’t care about them. Or the kids who don’t have money. Or the uncool kids. GAH. The guilt trip is heavy.

But the thing is, those things are far from true. They are so loved. We have money, it’s just tied up in our plan to get out of debt and to feed six mouths. And as for the cool factor? Our kids get to preview books before they even hit the shelves. C’mon, Mom Guilt. Go away!

In this edition of What We’re Reading, I’m sharing four books that are perfect for those early elementary years. I’m hoping by the end of the year they’re all easy readers for Evan (our first grader).

What We're Reading





What We’re Reading: October 2

Ally-Saurus & the Very Bossy Monster by Richard Torrey

Source: Amazon

You might remember our friend Ally-saurus, who helped our kids get over fears of new experiences. Well, she’s back and there’s a new girl in school. This new girl wants to be the boss. As much as the ‘lil Burghers house loves the Boss Babe culture (women in business ROCK!), we know being bossy isn’t a good trait to have. This book is a nice lesson in playing nicely and accepting each other.

Ally-Saurus & the Very Bossy Monster is available on Amazon and at other book retailers with a MSRP of $16.95.

The Adventures of Camellia N. Under the Sea by Debra L. Wideroe

This book is more on Arianna’s reading level, but the message throughout the first book in a series about Camellia N. (like chameleon) was fun for Evan, too. In this second book of the nine book series, Camellia N. goes under the sea to learn about sealife around the globe. There are moments of bravery, science, and friendship throughout her journey through the seven continents.

You can also pick up Under the Sea on Amazon and at other book retailers with a MSRP of $16.95.

Source: Amazon

Rufus Blasts Off! by Kim T. Griswell

The third book in the Rufus the Pig series picks up where “Rufus at Sea” left off. Rufus is done sailing the seven seas and ready to explore space! Will pigs fly? Will Rufus complete his mission to read a book on Mars? You’ll have to grab your own copy to find out! (Available on Amazon and at other book retailers with a MSRP of $16.95.)

Maurice the Unbeastly by Amy Dixon

If your kids are struggling with staying true to themselves, this would be a great read. Maurice is a beast who is not like the other beasts – he likes kale among other differences. Does he need to be like the others or can he make it by being true to his you? What a great message about individuality!

This adorable book can also be found on Amazon and at other book retailers with a MSRP of $16.95.

What are you reading this week?



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What We’re Reading: September 25

*articles may contain affiliate links* With back to school, it’s sometimes hard to find the time to do all the things that you want to, isn’t it? But keeping up with what we’re reading as both kids and adults is super important. Here’s a look at some books that have crossed our paths recently.

What We're Reading





What We’re Reading: September 25

Coding for Parents by Frazer Wilson

Coding For Parents

Confession. I work in IT. I run my own blog. I was a teacher. But when I was testing something on a website the other day, an “Array” message came up. I had no idea what it meant, even though I’ve been working with my third grader on multiplication. Times are changing, and thankfully I have this book as a reference guide when things come up in the “tech world”  that I just don’t know. This book will help parents help their kids (or decode their speak!) and teach the parents something new, too!

Coding for Parents is available on Amazon and at other book retailers with a MSRP of $14.95.


Almost Everybody Farts by Marty Kelley

Oh, the giggles that came out of The Bigs as they read this one to the twins. The humor in this book is sly as it tells how everybody BUT MOM get gas and let it fly. Is mom really fart-free? If you could see the look on my kids’ faces when the mom in this story claimed that, you’d know the answer to that question. =)

You can also pick up Almost Everybody Farts on Amazon and at other book retailers with a MSRP of $12.95.

Don’t Go to School! by Maire Zepf and Tarsila Kruse

This book was a good read before our first day of school. After a long summer, the kids didn’t want to go back. Unlike the plot of this story, Mama and Daddy were quite anxious for when September 5 rolled around! Benno’s mom doesn’t want him to go to school – can he convince her everything will be okay?

This fun twist on the back to school theme is available on Amazon and at other book retailers with a MSRP of $14.95.


Cap’n Rex and His Clever Crew by Henry L Herz

We’re a few days late for “Talk Like a Pirate Day”, but pirates are a favorite in our house. This book is no exception – and it even adds in our beloved dinosaurs! Captain Rex (a T-Rex, of course) leads his crew across the seven seas to find treasure (as pirates do). This is a good one to motivate your kids to do something they swear they cannot do – obstacle breakers!

The adventure of Cap’n Rex can also be found on Amazon and at other book retailers with a MSRP of $16.95.

Amazing Animal Friendships by Pavla Hanackova

This book is for our Wildlife Wednesday fans – it tells stories of some of nature’s most unlikely friendships. It is a great way to teach kids how nature is connected and also to be friends with people who aren’t just like them. A win-win message. (Note – this book is a non-fiction read with facts – we recommend it for an after school read!)

This book is available on Amazon and at other book retailers with a MSRP of $14.95.


What are you reading this week?



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Kudo Banz: Helping Our Kids SOAR

Kudo Banz provided me with product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

This fall, The Bigs went back to school and learned about their new rewards program – SOAR. Instead of moving from green to yellow to red [on a behavior chart], they now have to earn four levels of getting caught being good.

I was surprised when the kids came home complaining about this. “It’s going to be too hard” and “It’s not fair” rang from their throats. I shook my head. Did our time giving Kudo Banz a try this summer not teach them anything? I reminded them of earning their Kudos and they quickly quieted down. And in the three weeks since school’s started? I haven’t heard another word. I think it has worked – Kudo Banz set my kids up for success with this new program!


What Are Kudo Banz

Since we haven’t talked much about the Kudo Banz, you might be wondering what I mean by this. A “parenting game changer”, these are wrist bands that kids wear then earn charms (Kudos) throughout the day for doing good things. Think of it as a sticker chart but constantly there as a reminder.

When the child earns three Kudos, they scan the QR code into an app (on a parent’s device) that then allows them to spin a reward wheel. These aren’t necessarily toys or treats, they are extra things that you and your child plan to add to the wheel together. (Our kids asked us to customize the wheel with things like “family dance party”, “make a YouTube video”, and “one on one time with the twins”. Your child can add whatever they want and even include a photo!)

Kudo Banz Starter Kit

There is a starter kit that has two Banz and a few star Kudos, but then you can also order additional Kudo collections to add to their fun and motivation. My kids opted for the Pirate and Princess sets (but of course) to motivate them.

Background: Kudo Banz

Amanda and Hamza, whom I got to meet in person at Blogger Bash, know that parenting is a challenging but important job. They created this reward system to combat all of the negative messages children receive (like time outs and being yelled out). The Kudo Banz became a tool they could use on the go and for reinforcing positive behaviors. It worked with their three children, and they’re hopeful other parents will find them helpful!

How Did Kudo Banz Work for The Bigs?

Our experience was pretty positive. The first few days were a bit of a growing pain, but the starter kit we got came with a book that we read a few times as a reminder. This book chronicles the story of two boys who get a visit from their grandma and learn that they need to be good and helpful to earn Kudos…then good things happen. We’d pull it out and read when Evan would get upset that Arianna earned her reward wheel first. But you do not remove a Kudo! No matter how upset he’d get, he got to keep his kudos. We’d just remind him to BE GOOD.

Admittedly, Evan broke his Banz. It was a bit tight to get around his hand, which stumped me because Kudo Banz are made for kids ages 3 and up. The sizing definitely looked like it would have been better suited for the twins, but they aren’t 3 yet. (I agree with this age range for not only size but understanding!)

Because Evan’s broke, Arianna sort of lost interest, but when things start getting tough, I mention them and they both remember the basic concepts. We’ll definitely want to start these early with the twins!

If you are interested in learning more, check out kudobanz.com or get started by adding them to your Amazon cart here.  

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Friday Favorites: Playing Catch-up

*articles may contain affiliate links* This round of Friday Favorites is brought to you thanks to some product collaborations with some of our favorite brands. Things have been super busy in the ‘lil Burghers house this summer and we have a lot to share with you!

The Milkshake Factory: Pittsburgh, this summer The Milkshake Factory celebrated the one-year anniversary of their downtown chocolate and milkshake bar. I got to take a friend from work with me for a quick afternoon treat – red velvet (GLUTEN FREE) milkshakes! The celebration was in full swing and proceeds from the day were donated to Beverly’s Birthdays. This delicious store has been in Pittsburgh almost 100 years – so if you haven’t been, you need to get yourself there! Definitely a must visit for out-of-town guests, too.

Snuggle-Pedic Pillow

Watch my pillow unfold!

Snuggle-Pedic Pillow: Ever since coming home from Blogger Bash, I’ve been sleeping better thanks to a bamboo memory foam pillow with cooling features. Snuggle-Pedic has created a pillow that is adjustable for whatever comfort you need – like a lot of support? Ask Customer Service for more fluff (or do like I did and pop it in the dryer for 20 minutes!). If it’s too much, you can adjust by removing some of the filling. As someone who gets warm in my sleep, a bamboo cooling pillow has been on my list and this one is definitely worth it. RUN over to Amazon and get yourself one today!

Gelli Baff

Evan enjoying Gelli Baff

Gelli Baff: The Bigs LOVED taking a bath in something out of the ordinary – gel! With this product, the bath water turned into gel then back to water when it was time to head to bed. We also have a Slime Baff from Zimpli Kids, but we haven’t  given it a test yet. While the Gelli Baff washed right out of the tub, this mama was a bit overwhelmed by the whole process and left it for daddy to clean up the next day.  (Both the Gelli Baff and Slime Baff can be found on Amazon.)

VONDA Sonic Toothbrush: Yinz guys. As much as I drink coffee, my teeth deserve a good treatment. I’ve been getting that from this VONDA Sonic Toothbrush that is rechargable via USB and has 5 different brushing modes. Whitening is my favorite! But honestly, as I told my dental hygenist, two minutes is a LONG time to brush your teeth. With this, you don’t have to wonder. You’re likely under brushing if you aren’t timing it because I LOVE that the timer feature on this (it turns off after two minutes) let me know I needed more attention to my teeth. Another great feature? This sonic toothbrush is SUPER affordable and available with Amazon Prime. Your dentist will thank you (mine did).


Thanks for stopping by to see some of our favorite items of late! What was your favorite? What is something you are loving right now?

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How to Get Kids to Enjoy Their Lunch

This post is a partnership between myself and UnitedHealthcare talking about kids’ lunch. All opinions are 100% my own. 


kids lunchIs mealtime a struggle in your house? It is in ours, mainly because we have six different appetites to please. As much as we want to say we don’t, the truth is that we are often making four different meals. There is the adult meal (Keto or Whole30), Arianna’s mostly grownup meal (but considerations need to be made for her expander), Evan’s “scoop of peanut butter and apple slices”, then whatever the twins eat. I’m exhausted typing it, can you imagine the scene while making these? Torture, indeed.

peanut butter sandwich kid

Evan and his Peanut Butter

We’re all about healthy choices, but truth is, we parents do need to give our kids something they’ll eat. Having a meal plan and routine will help avoid our efforts going to waste – studies show “that children are throwing away roughly 25-45 percent of food, with vegetable waste up to 90 percent” (source: United Healthcare). That’s alarming to a mama who pinches pennies and tries to push the veggies!

Arianna working on dinner

How to Get Kids to Enjoy Their Lunch

My tried and true mom tips are to have the kids pick out what they want to eat, and hope for the best; however, that’s lead to plenty of wasted food in our house. I know. It pains me. That’s why I was excited that UnitedHealthcare was willing to share some tips to make fun, healthy lunches without spending too much time or getting stressed out.

Dr. Craig Butler, Medical Director, UnitedHealthcare of Pennsylvania and Delaware, shares some tips for parents and caregivers on how to make school lunches that are both nutritional and appealing to kids.

  • Pack school lunches with your kids. When kids are engaged in the process, they are more likely to help pack a meal they will eat and it’s a great teaching opportunity for parents.
  • Include at least three food groups: Lunches should include at least three food groups to provide nourishment and energy boosting nutrients to help get your child through the day.
    • Whole grains (popcorn, wraps, bread, rolls, crackers, pitas, cereal, pasta, quinoa, brown rice)
    • Lean- or low-fat protein (low-fat milk, cheese, nuts, cottage cheese, yogurt, hummus, turkey, chicken, roast beef, ham, nut butters, eggs, edamame, beans, tuna fish and salmon)
    • Fruits and veggies (100% fruit juice box, any fresh fruits or veggies, dried fruit, fruit cups in juice, natural applesauce cups)
  • Make it colorful. Adding colorful fruits and vegetables can make a lunch look more appetizing. Spice up vegetables with a little bit of guacamole, hummus, salsa, or low-fat ranch dressing on the side to add flavor and fun.
  • Don’t forget a drink: Hydration is particularly important for children because they have higher water requirements than adults. Besides water, more fun options include smoothies and low-fat milk. Skip sugary juices and sodas.
  • Pick the right sweet treat: It’s okay to add something small to their lunches because it gives them something to look forward to, but aim for less than eight to 10 grams of sugar per serving. Examples include chocolates that are at least 70 percent pure cocoa chocolate and natural fruit smoothies with plain Greek yogurt and almond milk.

Our favorites are to include colors – guacamole is a win in our house, allow for a small sweet treat, and to make it a family activity. Letting Evan loose on the peanut butter has made for some fun looking sandwiches, but when he helps, he eats!

Lunch Ideas

It’s great to have tips, but maybe you don’t know what to serve that is fun and matches the tips above. That’s ok, we get that. These lunch ideas are sure to please:

  • Grilled cheese a’la’ waffle – Use a waffle iron to create a whimsical version of the standard sandwich that can be enjoyed at room temperature. Serve with grapes, carrot sticks and 100% fruit juice.
  • Veggie quesadilla – Use whatever veggies you have on hand layered between a whole grain tortilla with cheese and cook quickly to melt the cheese. Serve with apple slices and lowfat milk.
  • Hard boiled egg-on-a-stick – Pair with popcorn, fruit slices to dip in a container of Greek yogurt along with a few cherry tomatoes and bottle of water.
  • Roll it up! – Roll up string cheese, a slice of lean ham, red bell pepper slices and baby spinach in a whole grain wrap. Serve with 100% fruit juice and a few strawberries.

Arianna’s vote is for the “hard boiled egg-on-a-stick”, but we’ll be working with Evan on breaking out of his “peanut butter only” mood to revolutionize our kids’ lunch. Which one(s) do you think your kids would like best? Tweet it out! 

For more healthy recipe ideas, parents can visit www.uhc.com/wellness.

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Office Organization Tips

*articles may contain affiliate links* With back-to-school season fully upon us, I decided to do some office organization. Thanks to StemsFX Supplies, this was super easy!

office organization tipsSome days my life is absolutely crazy, so I have to have a system to keep my office organized. I decided to file my paperwork for each area of my life using folders.

Because I have six main areas that I’m currently focused on, this six-pack of folders made sense to organize my Thirty-One business, Monat business (psst, this is BRAND NEW to me!), the Blog, work, fitness, and our family finances. Phew. I’m exhausted and the papers aren’t even organized yet!

These folders are sturdy and include a business card slot. The colors are brilliant, so I highly doubt that I will lose track of them – am I right?

There are a few other ways I’m using STEMSFX products in my office organization right now. I have created a folder for each month and will file receipts and bills (unrelated to my six pack of folders) in this set (and of course keep them in my Fold n’ File!). My eyes are on these envelopes for the bits of memories I want to hang on to – sadly I think my scrapbooking days are over. 🙁

My Tips for Office Organization

When it comes to office organization, here’s what I recommend:

  • Use color coding. The bolder the brighter! You’ll notice I used green for finances and yellow for the blog. These make sense as money is green and our city colors are black and (gold) yellow.
  • Have an inbox and outbox. I have an “incoming” and “bills” pocket hanging inside our front door. Greg sorts the mail into the appropriate pocket then I take action as needed. We have a “to do” clip that reminds what needs to hit the mailbox.
  • File early and often. Just like you’d save an office document on your computer, file your paperwork early and often. Trust me. I have a box of 2016 paperwork I can’t even look at. Thank goodness I also have a “Tax Time” zipper pouch where I kept our tax info because my tax accountant would not have been happy with my lack of office organization from last year!

If you’d like to organize paperwork like I did, I highly suggest you head to Amazon and get started now with the six-pack of folders. You’ll be so glad!

What are your biggest office organization challenges? How could these supplies help? 


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Review of The Freeloader Child Carrier

This post is a review of the Freeloader Child Carrier. I received product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

A few weeks back, I hinted that I’d be getting a child carrier that would be useful not just for the twins but for The Bigs, too. Do you remember me telling you about the Freeloader? Well, it arrived and we’ve been using it to test our backs out for when the twins are big enough to use it by taking Evan up to the Rails to Trails right off our backyard.

freeloader child carrierNote – The Freeloader Child Carrier should only be used with children ages 2 and a half and up (the twins are just a few weeks shy of that) and when they weigh between 25 and 80 pounds. They should also be between 33-50 inches tall. (That means Ava is going to be carriable again soon! Isla has some height to gain, but the way she’s been eating lately, that’s going to be soon, too!)

Like anything new, The Freeloader takes some getting used to. “You’re not going to run with him on here, that’s for sure,” said Greg when he tried it out with Evan.

It’s true. I got pretty sweaty while wearing it and even though I know I’m strong, it still was a core workout. We’re not going to be signing up for any 10-mile hikes while wearing it anytime soon.

While I was carrying Evan on the trail, I wondered what people thought. The three girls were walking around and I was carrying Evan, the sportiest of them all. But then I didn’t care. It’s pretty cool to have a carrier that supports a bigger child – and my mind went to friends who have kids with special needs, how it would allow them to go on adventures, too! Great news, Freeloader has a community for parents of kids with special needs! They’re steps ahead of me.

Preparing for our adventure

The girls can’t wait to be worn again, and we’ll work up to bigger adventures than just our trail. The Freeloader Child Carrier is slim enough we could take it to amusement parks or festivals (it only weighs 5.8 pounds).

Wearing in Prep for our Walk

What We Liked: The Freeloader Child Carrier

  • It is lightweight but sturdy.
  • The straps around the hips and around the shoulders distribute the weight evenly.
  • I ordered a medium Freeloader, and it is just the right size for me and for Greg, even with our height difference.
  • The foot straps for the kiddo!
  • As our kids grow, they’ll still be able to use it, up to 80 pounds. Arianna’s even taken a ride!

What We Didn’t Like: The Freeloader Child Carrier

  • The padding, while super comfy for both parent and kiddo, got me sweaty. Either that or it was our September Summer, but I still think it would be warm on a normal day, too.
  • While I agree the carrier is well worth it, the price is a bit out of our range as twin parents. If we wanted two, we’d be shelling out almost $600 (they are $299 a piece). Also, if you and your partner are different heights, you want to consider this in your purchase.

All-in-all, The Freeloader will be a go-to for our times exploring the world around us. Greg’s excited to have it as an option for next summer’s Wildlife Wednesday adventures. I’m excited to have Ava close by without her pinching and tugging at me to “Up! Up!” without support. Definitely a series of wins.

If you’d like to get a Freeloader Child Carrier of your own, you can save 10% when you use the code freeloaderfun when you use this coupon. See more at myfreeloader.com and find Freeloader on Facebook.


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