5 Things You MUST Spring Clean in 2021

Out with the old, in with the new. Spring is here and it is time to rid our homes of the stale, stagnant funk that the winter of 2020 has left behind. I know it isn’t just our house – the past twelve months have left so many things feeling “ick”, right? Listen, you’re a busy parent juggling virtual school, working from home, keeping up online social connections. We get it! But there are 5 things you must spring clean to start this new season off sparkling. And even better, what we’re suggesting is a list of chores perfect for your ‘tweens and teens!

Spring Cleaning with Enzyme Cleaners

Before that list, it is important that we address the need to safely clean your home. In this house, we are fans of trying to be as non-reliant on chemicals as we can be, but let’s be honest – with 6 humans, 2 fur babies, and the occassional frogs, cave crickets, and snails inhabiting our rooms, sometimes we do need to clean with more than water and our elbow grease.

That’s why our family is spring cleaning with enzyme cleaners this year. These cleaners break down stains that come from proteins and bacteria – like human and pet bodies. We are not ashamed to say that we live in our home and that involves some funk, bloody noses, sweat, grass stains, and more.

5 Things We MUST Spring Clean

Hand me downs!

Not only do we need to wash the size 5/6 six bins of summer clothes we’ve saved for seven years to hand down to the twins, we need to organize them! Anyone else struggle with their kids keeping the rainbow-organization that you fell in love with while binge watching pandemic Netflix? Sigh.

The twins’ hand me down summer clothes will simply go in our HE washer with 1/2 a scoop of Biz powder. Even though the clothes have been in totes in our attic, the blend of enzymes will help to dissolve those odors and even stains.

Sports Gear

With three kids in soccer and one in softball, the grass stains are real. Before our seasons begin next week we will be putting together a solution of some Biz powder and water to scrub the mud and grass from the fall season (hey, it was a busy time for us) and get ready to sparkle on the field.

The Entry Carpets

Pittsburgh winters bring salt, water stains, and mud onto our entryway carpets. It took the days of abundant sunshine recently for us to realize just how stained these areas have gotten. We’ll be spraying the foot and paw prints with KidsNPets Stain & Odor remover!

Beach Towels

We are more than ready to plan a getaway to the beach. Our beach towels will need a good run through the washing machine to freshen up – they are stored in our kids’ bathroom and have been known to smell a little mildewey at the start of the season.

Bath Towels

It seems redundant, but with the spring weather, we are washing towels far more often…and with more sun we have more sweaty days. Adding Biz to every few loads of towels helps keep that fresh feeling in our active lives.

Our Tools of Nature

We need cleaners ready to tackle these messes, so we’re armed with two stain fighters (Biz and KidsNPets) that help speed up the stain fighting process. These products are natural and non-toxic (making them safe for our humans and pets). They are part of a family of household products that consumers know and trust. Both are part of how we’re tackling the things we must spring clean this year.

Our blog has partnered with them in order to bring you this information, but as always we are open to hear your best cleaning hacks. Make sure to comment below with one thing you will be spring clearning this season.

The Pittsburgh Potty (That Wasn’t)

This is the tale of the Pittsburgh Potty that wasn’t. It is a story I keep meaning to write because it is memorable, but I keep thinking no one would want to hear about our plumbing issues. But the thing is, we all have toilets and I’m sure stories about them, this being one of the more tame ones. So on we go, with the story of our Kittanning home and the potty that helped me get the bathroom of my dreams. 

What is a Pittsburgh Potty? 

Let’s just say any home repairs or remodels involving plumbing in Pittsburgh takes innovative solutions to handle our uniquely set up, historical homes! For those of you who are not ‘Burghers, it would be best to start out with telling you what a Pittsburgh Potty is and how they came about. 

Pittsburgh Potty

Many Pittsburgh area homes have basements…unfinished ones at that. In those basements, many homes have a toilet. Many times that toilet is standing all alone in an odd spot. In my grandparents’ home in Wilmerding, I remember that it was right in the middle of the floor, but at some point my Pap had put walls up and a shower curtain (I think, or at least that is what I want to remember). In our home in Tarentum, it sat on a pedestal of cement, a true gem of a throne where if you used it (we did not because it was disgusting), you were wide in the open to the hair salon station that also graced that basement (not a Pittsburgh thing). And nearby to our current home, my parents’ Ford City house had one along one of the basement walls – right out in the open, too. 

Oh, and often there was no sink nearby to wash your hands. If you were lucky, there might be a laundry tub (or hair washing sink), but more often than not, it was do your business and go about life…I guess. Ah, the days before hand sanitizer?!?! 

Plumbing in Pittsburgh, THERE?

Now that we know the what, why were they built? I can’t imagine that anyone would really want to do their business all out in the open like these toilets made possible. (Though funny enough, I recently stayed in a timeshare room where the toilet was wide open to the soaking tub, so there’s that.) 

There are several stories – and I’m sure your Pittsburgh area Realtors can share some really fun ones – but the most logical one I have heard about why they are found in the basement is that it was to avoid having to clean up backed up sewage lines on the main living floors. These are often homes that were built pre-World War II, so you can only imagine where plumbing techniques have changed since then. Oh, do we get this

Our Closet Potty

The home we live in was built in the 1940s and without a basement, but with a Pittsburgh-ish Potty. I’d imagine the “room” it was in was at one point a large, open utility room that eventually was closed off for a little bit of privacy and to hide the boiler and such. In the case of our experience, the toilet was in a closet. Not unlike the Pittsburgh tradition, there is no sink to be found. 

When we first moved in, this was the sole toilet on our downstairs level, so the kids were potty training in it, the grands would use it, and it was right next to what used to be my office. Needless to say, that toilet got traffic. 

In the summer of 2019, we found out that that toilet of ours never should have been. We literally flushed money down it in getting plumbers to help us solve the problem to find out that it was backed up with at least five years of “solid waste” that had started leaking into our laundry room. (Sorry to those of you who visited at this time and may have experienced the stench that was…at the same time our 20+ year old HVAC blew.) Awful. Just awful. 

The reason being, it was just a toilet sitting on a normal old drain pipe, which means that pipe expected things like toothbrush spit and laundry gray water to be flushed down it. Not our 10-year-old’s favorite emoji. You get it. 

Not our toilet and not a Pittsburgh Potty but one with some privacy.

The Happy Ending for our Pittsburgh Potty

Thankfully, plumbing in Pittsburgh has come a long way and we were able to cement up that nasty situation and get the bathroom of my dreams, but you’ll have to keep an eye out on my lifestyle blog to find out exactly how that ended up. 

In short, we do have a toilet on our main floor once again, but this time it is a grinder and not in a closet but in a spa-like third bathroom. Thank goodness that things have come a long way since then and our only struggle is how to get the new roll of toilet paper when it runs out. At least for now. 

My only regret? I think the closet toilet is the only “before” photo we’re missing from our recent home renovations!

Tell us something unique about your house – we love houses with character and hearing the stories behind them!

Life is Messy

With four kids and two dogs (and let me be real, two adults), I’m really not sure why we have so many soft surfaces in our home that are white or light gray. Life is messy in a house like ours – mud, chocolate, spaghetti sauce, and aging dog accidents have left several spots in our home showing it. That is why this year I’ll be giving a few new-to-me products a try: Biz and Kids ‘n’ Pets. Both come from the Scott’s Liquid Gold family…and are now part of ours!

Biz: Saving our Clothes from Stains


Biz is a stain-fighting laundry detergent booster that comes in a powder or liquid formula. What drew me in to give it a try had nothing to do with our kids or pets…but a few white shirts I bought in the fall. Along with battling some continued pains, I’ve been sweating like crazy and at the same time moved to an aluminum free deodorant. Basically, I stunk and my shirt armpits suffered. Laundry detergent alone wasn’t working to rid the yellow.

When adding Biz to the tough to clean laundry loads like my white shirts, I add this booster along with my regular detergent. For tough stains like Greg’s yard work jeans or Evan’s soccer shorts, we straight up replace the detergent with this booster. There is also an option to pre soak these clothes to add to the stain fighting.

As we approach the warmer days of spring and summer, stay tuned to see how we are using Biz on the regular.

Spray for Oops: Kids ‘n’ Pets


All the foot and paw traffic in our house has led to some fairly interesting stains. Spaghetti sauce on brand new shirts. Grass on canvas shoes. Hot sauce on our white couch. Coffee and doggy dribbles on the white living room carpet. All pretty normal in our house but they leave me wishing for a quick fix that doesn’t involve professional cleaning tactics.

Kids ‘n’ Pets is what I’ve been calling the “spray for oops”. It is great at fighting stains on clothing, but we’ve also found it helps attack the occasional dog urine or coffee drips that attack our carpet. It can even help in getting gum or putty off of clothes (I think every kid has done this). 

Wonder what ways our family will challenge the stain fighting power of these products in 2021? What stains are you interested in fighting? We will be continuing to share our experience with Biz and Kids ‘n’ Pets throughout the year.

Powerful Message: “I Am Somebody”

2020 continues to teach our family important lessons. Recently, I was asked to feature a book that will be launching on Friday, November 20 and of course just hearing the press blurb had me saying yes. What I didn’t expect was how powerful the message was to me as a mother and what we parents instill in our children. May this message bless you and your family today, too.

In “Little Bremar: I Am Somebody”, Pittsburgh Public School teacher, Tracy Johns shares an affirmation that resounded with me as a mother through the experience of first grader Bremar. This book will be the “first book in a series of “Little Bremar” books, and is inspired by the belief that each child has unlimited potential and deserves to see their beauty reflected in literature. The book series is dedicated to children of color all around the world, and their parents, as this group does not always get to see themselves represented in an accurate or affirming light.” (Source: Findlay House Media)

Through the story, Bremar expresses fears of speaking in front of his class and their families, but in the end remembers his confidence is deep down inside him, regardless of the fears that he may face in the world around him.

For families of color, this book hopes to allow for connection to characters often misrepresented in literacy. Tracy Johns gives a beautiful gift to children and families through the characters in this book and the message of hope and inspiration.

You can find “Little Bremar: I Am Somebody” on Amazon and at Tracy John’s website, melanatedvoicesllc.com.

Make the Season Sparkle the ZURU SPARKLE GIRLZ Way!

The twins just unboxed a whole lot of sparkle and are super excited to show you what they got a sneak peek at! This gifting season, ZURU is launching their Sparkle Girlz line – super affordable (starting at $4.99) dolls that bring your little ones fun, fantasy, and fashion!

Isn’t this basket full of dolls super fun?

So many sparkling options!

Ava and Isla were wowed by all of the options in their box of Sparkle Girls from Zuru. Truth be told, they didn’t even know where to begin. Thankfully I narrowed down the choices for them and got the first glance at the box we were sent. Yinz. These girls were spoiled with the sparkle! We put a few back to go to some of our Christmas giving endeavours to pass the blessing on, but you can check out their initial reactions here.

Zuru Sparkle Girls line has so many sparkling options to bring fun, fashion, and fantasy to your home this holiday season. Check out the information on the line that our pals at Zuru shared with us, each with a tidbit of love from the twins following.

Sparkle Girlz Set of 7 Princess Collection

Featuring seven unique and individual dolls, the  ZURU Sparkle Girlz Set of 7 Princess Collection is the perfect gift!   Touting a message of kindness and courage, and encouraging others to believe in themselves and the magic of dreams, Sparkle Girlz inspires magic, imagination and sparkle!   Featuring long soft hair complete with a magical sparkle highlight, each articulated Sparkle Girlz Princess doll is dressed in beautiful, sparkle and colorful outfits that can be swapped with one another down to the shoes!  Ages 3+, SRP $29.99. Available at Walmart.

source: Zuru

Isla’s first reaction to this set was that the princesses were in a “rainbow of skin colors” and that there were girls with skin like hers and like Ava’s and likely any girl would find a doll that looked like them. “Mommy! The red head looks like your friend Amber!” – Ava was quite excited to point that out ad she’s not wrong!

Sparkle Girlz Unicorn and Unicorn Set

ZURU Sparkle Girlz Baby Unicorn are the perfect pocket-sized friend for magical adventures.  The bedazzled unicorn loves sunshine, rainbows and all things sparkly!  Brush her tail, twirl a bun, and take note of the beautiful sparkle detailing on each unicorn’s horn, adding  an extra magical look. There are 4 different baby unicorns to collect. Sparkle all day at an amazing value too! Ages 3+, SRP $1.99, available at Walmart.

ZURU Sparkle Girlz Unicorn are a set of 3 brightly colored unicorns with beautiful hair! Each unicorn embraces its unique style and their horns have glitter highlights along with gorgeous details on their hooves as well! Boy they really sparkle! Each unicorn has a moveable head for endless poses and you can pose the medium-sized unicorn’s legs as she can stand up or lie down! Build your sparkle kingdom with the addition of these magical creatures. Sparkle every day at an amazing value too! Ages 3+, SRP $9.99 – Available at Walmart.

Both the girls loved the ponies/unicorns. Ava wears her hair with a little unicorn swirl, so of course she loved styling these (Mama’s) pocket sized friends’ hair with a twist like her’s! The baby unicorns are the perfect size for stocking stuffers and what a great price point!

ZURU Sparkle Girlz Unicorn Princess Doll

ZURU Sparkle Girlz Unicorn Princess Doll is ready to ride towards a magical adventure. In the sparkle kingdom, Unicorn Princesses are guardians of magic and they love to play and explore new places. Each doll’s outfit is beautifully detailed with sparkle and color and are easily removable to swap with other Sparkle Girlz. Brush and style the doll’s beautiful long soft hair and let that magical sparkle highlight shine! With moveable arms, legs and head, there’s so many ways to have extra imagination fun! There are 4 Unicorn Princess dolls to collect.  Sparkle every day at an amazing value! Ages 3+, SRP $4.99. Available at Walmart, and there are also fairies and individual princess dolls to choose from!

The girls just LOVE unicorns if they hadn’t told you that already. They love the swappable outfits and how much these dolls sparkle!

ZURU Sparkle Girlz Mini Cone

ZURU Sparkle Girlz Mini Cone collectible dolls are the perfect pocket toys to create your very own fantasy world! Each doll comes with a beautiful removable skirt and features articulated arms and legs and bright colored hair! There are princesses, ballerinas, superheroes and fairies to collect! Build your very own fairytale store. Perfectly packaged in a convenient cone, these gorgeous mini’s make the ultimate party favors and gifts for friends too! Sparkle every day at an amazing value! Ages 3+, SRP $1.99. Available at Walmart.

Another great stocking stuffer option! The twins recommend these minis for playing in the car or giving to friends.

We didn’t get a chance to review the following, but they are also in the line:

ZURU Sparkle Girlz Doll Carry Case Wardrobe

ZURU Sparkle Girlz Doll Carry Case Wardrobe is a reversible sequins carry case and the ultimate accessory for every sparkle girl! This beautiful doll comes with a fully removable trendy outfit and brushable long her to style. The carry case also comes with reversible sequins on the outside for you to flip back and forward to reveal the different colors! Inside is a sparkle wardrobe where you can store and carry your Sparkle Girlz and all her accessories wherever you go! Collect Sparkle Girlz accessories (sold seperately) so that your whole wardrobe is ready to go and step out in style with this amazing Sparkle Girlz Set. Styles may vary. Sparkle every day at an amazing value too! Ages 3+, SRP $10.99. Available at Walmart.

ZURU Sparkle Girlz Cupcake Princess

ZURU Sparkle Girlz Cupcake Princess is an adorable toy for girls on the go! Waltz into the sparkle kingdom where this cupcake princess rules with kindness and compassion. She loves to spend time with her friends in her royal estate and her mini size makes it perfect to carry and have playtime just about anywhere! In the world of Sparkle Heart, princesses are strong, brave and make the perfect fashion companion. Each princess comes with colorful, sparkly outfits that can be interchangeable with other Sparkle Girlz Cupcake doll outfits and other fitting doll clothes (sold separately). There are 4 royal cupcake princesses to collect. Sparkle every day at an amazing value too! Ages 3+, SRP $2.99. Available at Walmart.

Alright, now tell us which of these are your favorites that you’d love to see under the tree!

You’re Pulling My Leg

Covid-19 sure has made this a year to remember. In our house, we’re playing more games and using video calls more than ever. The kids seem to be very resilient to these changes and are learning some skills that we probably wouldn’t have thought to teach without being “stuck” home all these months. This week, we’re joining a blogging book tour for the release of two books geared to exactly that. In his “You’re Pulling My Leg” series, author Allen Wolf gives adults and families a way to play a unique storytelling game together – no matter where they live.

source: Morning Star Games

Since we’re a family blog, we checked out Wolf’s adaptation of You’re Pulling My Leg! game with the Junior version. It came at a great time – right before a road trip. In this book turned game, you and your loved ones will be presented with [age appropriate] questions to answer and then the other players vote if the story was true or made up.

Educational Benefits of You’re Pulling My Leg

Not only does a game like this pass time and help to build relationships, there are some educational benefits that your kids will pick up:

  • Promotes interaction
  • Develops interpersonal skills
  • Develops positive relationships
  • Develops storytelling skills
  • Promotes positive self-esteem
  • Motivates players
  • Encourages higher-level thinking

How to Play

First, you’ll need to decide which version of the book to pickup. If you’re going to play online, don’t worry you only need one person with a copy of the book. The adult version is for ages 13+ and Junior is for ages 9+ (but from our experience littles can answer these questions too).

You’ll also need a coin (or a coin-flipping phone app) and a way to keep score (there are also score pages at the back of the book).

Each player gets 7 points for voting (is the storyteller pulling my leg or telling the truth) and then the questions begin. The storyteller picks from three questions to answer then flips a coin and based on heads or tails tells a true story or makes one up.

Let’s Give it a Try

Here is Card 42 from the “You’re Pulling My Leg Junior” book:


a time when you were afraid of something in your closet or under your bed.


a pet you wanted but didn’t get.


a time when you did something that was difficult.

We’ll pretend I am the storyteller and I’ve flipped a coin to tell me if I tell the truth or a made up story. The question I’ll answer today is: “a pet you wanted but didn’t get”.

One time my parents were so frustrated about the pets my brother and I wanted – we already had a dog, cat, bird, and turtle and had been asking about a bunny. Mom said no more pets…but she said it like “No more 2 legged, 3 legged, 4 legged, 6 legged, 8 legged pets in this house!”

We started to scheme. I thought a snake would be a great idea but my little brother didn’t want to get in trouble with mom and he thought the snake might eat my bird so he changed my mind.

Now, you’ll go to the comments section and vote if you think I was telling the truth in this story or pulling your leg!

Each book contains over 600 questions and can be played over and over with the different people in your life. Spin up a video call with the grands who live far away and start asking questions. If you’re on a road trip or headed to a coffee shop, bring it along. This is a great in person or virtual game that helps challenge players and is guaranteed to make you laugh.

About You’re Pulling My Leg!

You can find out more about both versions of this book game through their publisher, Morning Star Games. Follow along with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for exclusive information on this and other games. You can purchase either book on Amazon (adult, junior) with MSRP at $12.99.

Ultimate Par-TEA with Itty Bitty Prettys

In our house, we celebrate many “days” like National Hot Dog Day or National Friendship Day. This Saturday, August 8, we’ll be celebrating World Tea Party Day! Just in time to celebrate, ZURU has set the table for the ultimate par-tea with Itty Bitty Prettys ™ Tea Party Surprise!

World Tea Party Day – August 8

Aren’t tea parties with friends just the best? Remember bringing your dolls or stuffed animals, dressing up the dog or your ‘lil brother and pretending to sip on steaming hot tea? Maybe you added pretend cookies or donned your best dress and gloves.

This Saturday, August 8, 2020, is a great days to let your ‘lil ones celebrate and pretend, too! Zuru, an award winning toy company, has released a modern take on the traditional tea party and will be celebrating with an ulimate par-tea with Itty Bitty Prettys Tea Party Surprise.

We have joined up with ZURU to bring you all the details about how they’ll be celebrating friendship, fun, and fashion. Keep your eyes on social media (including Instagram and YouTube) to hear from us + other influencers as we celebrate inclusivity, encourage kindness, and discover this just launched line from Zuru!

Itty Bitty Prettys – Time to Par-TEA!

These collectible dolls are perfect for kids who love to unbox mystery bags, search for rares, and trade with friends. Our twins were very excited to have their ultimate par-tea with their new doll friends, mom, and The Bigs. They dressed up, brought their dolls, and enjoyed some cookies while unboxing their new friends.

Check out how it went:

What we LOVE:

  • The GLASSES! One of our twins wears glasses, so she LOVED that the dolls all had them, too.
  • The inclusivity! Our twins have started to pick up on toys looking “just like them”, loving that there were some dolls in several shades of color. The twins picked the surprise dolls that matched their sister – extra sweet!
  • The outfits! Super adorable fashion accessories come with – earrings, shoes, skirts, crowns, and capes. ZURU did not miss a DETAIL here!
itty bitty prettys

Parental Warning:

These dolls come with many small pieces and some bags of dough. Additionally, you’ll need to be there to help with the water/tea bags/fizz and to put the clothes on. We made it a family event! Listen to the age suggestions on this one and watch your feet for those ‘lil parts when the par-TEA is over. BUT DEFINITELY add these toys to your kiddos’ collection!

Itty Bitty Prettys – The Details

Here are the details that Zuru shared with us about these adorable dolls and information on how YOU can get your own set!

The Itty Bitty Prettys range includes thirteen stylish Itty Bittys, plus one super rare Royal Tea doll, each touting a distinct, modern party-prowess bring the latest fashion and swapability factor to the par-tea. A complete party-in-a-cup, Itty Bitty Prettys Tea Party Surprise includes surprise magic tea bags and fizzing sugar cubes that, when mixed with water reveal jewelry, accessories
and other surprise necessities to help dress and style an Itty Bitty Prettys dolls and host a party!

The layers of fun also include compounds that allow for molding and making treats, working teacups and saucers, and more. The Itty Bitty Prettys Giant Teacup Playset includes everything one needs to host the most epic tea party. Available in two surprise friendship themes each with two dolls, the respective
themed playset features more than 25 surprises including a convertible table, spoon, working teacup and teapot, stylish accessories including shoes and jewelry, two Itty Bitty pets, dissolvable tea bags, fizzing ‘sugar’ cubes and more. Four dolls plus a rare Itty bitty Pretty can be found in the The Giant Teacup Playset. Designed for ages 4+, Itty Bitty Pretty Little Tea
Cups will be available for $29.99

Itty Bitty Prettys Little Tea Cup features 12 surprises and eight fabulous dolls to collect. The Little Tea Cup includes a working teacup, a saucer that also serves as a doll stand, an Itty Pretty doll, a swapable doll outfit and a set of stylish accessories including shoes, jewelry, eyewear and more. Additional tea party must-haves include a magic teaba, fizzing cube, cotton candy dough and more. Designed for ages 4+, Itty Bitty Prettys Little Tea Cups will be available for $9.99.

ZURU Toys Press Release

Itty Bitty Prettys Tea Party Surprise is available at Walmart and Target.

For more info, visit www.zuru.com, and
follow on Facebook @ZURUToys, Twitter @ZURUToys and Instagram @ZURU.toys.

itty bitty prettys tea party surprise

Kids Virtual 10 | EQT 10 Miler

It’s time to announce another Pittsburgh running event with an option for lil Burghers – the 2020 EQT 10 Miler’s Kids Virtual 10! Our mom will be running the adult version (the EQT 10 Miler) on November 8 – be sure yinz tell the parents about that (or send them to her blog for more info).

Kids Virtual 10

EQT 10 Miler | Kids Virtual 10

Here is what you need to know:

  • Race Type: Challenge! Kids will complete 10 fitness activities at home or wherever they chose
  • Medal: YES
  • Swag – YES! a mini Pittsburgh Box celebrating Pittsburgh fun!
  • Register here!
  • Cost: $15

Why Register

Pittsburgh’s running community loves supporting kids who want to get out and be active. We are four of those kiddos! This challenge is new and a first for P3R to offer. With 10 activities to complete for this challenge, the Kids Virtual 10 should present some fun options to get families out and moving this fall.

Who will you complete your challenges with this year? What challenges do you think will be part of the 10 to complete the challenge?

Check out other 2020 P3R events here – some with promotional codes to save on registration! Looking for a road race for your ‘lil Burghers? There’s still time to get in on the Liberty Mile or the Junior Great Race in 2020!

Below are details for kids AND parents to register. Good luck, runners!

Live EQT 10 Miler
Virtual EQT 10 Miler
Kids EQT 10 Miler
* Code WILLIS10 does NOT save 10% on the Kids Virtual 10 *

Kids of STEEL Challenge

The Kids of STEEL team has some exciting news for Pittsburgh kiddos who love to run. Similar to the RUNwithP3R Challenge, your child can earn an extra medal by completing the Kids of STEEL Challenge in 2020!

What is the Kids of STEEL Challenge?

By running three designated races (each a one mile distance), the 2020 Kids of STEEL Challenge will help keep Pittsburgh kids running this summer and fall. The three races to complete are:

  1. Pittsburgh Kids Marathon ✅ (would need to have ran this in May 2020)
  2. Fleet Feet Liberty Mile 🔲 more details here
  3. Dollar Bank Junior Great Race 🔲 more details here
source: Kidsofsteel on Facebook

Kids will get this fourth medal in addition to the other three they earned running those races! There are over 4,000 kids who ran a virtual race in May that are eligible for this challenge – will you be one of the ‘lil Burghers who takes this challenge on?

Facts about Kids of STEEL

Our friends at P3R, the engine behind Pittsburgh’s running events, shared the following with us about Kids of STEEL:

  • 2020 Kids of STEEL Challenge Medal inspires kids and their families to stay moving together throughout the whole year. 
  • Over 8,000 Kids in the Kids of STEEL program in 2020.
  • Nearly 4,000 ran a virtual race in May.
  • The challenge to complete all 3 races (Chick-fil-A Pittsburgh Kids Marathon + Fleet Feet Liberty Mile + Dollar Bank Junior Great Race) is great motivation to keep moving and build healthy habits, and more importantly, stick to them all year.
  • The Chick-fil-A Pittsburgh Kids Marathon is the most popular of the youth races and is sometimes their first race experience. We want them to build off of this foundation of running with P3R!

PS: Kids – be sure to check out this FREE youth training guide from Kids Of Steel AND follow them on Instagram (@kidsofsteelpgh) for running workouts!

2020 Fleet Feet Liberty Mile

Do you know what is “short, fast and fun for the whole family”? This summer (by August 7), record your fastest one mile run with the Fleet Feet Liberty Mile! It is a race any ‘Burgher can take on anywhere at any time!

With so many road races going virtual in 2020, families have the chance to move together all year long and P3R, the engine behind Pittsburgh’s greatest races, is committed to continue inspiring any and all to run in these unprecedented times.

source: LibertyMile.org

The Fleet Feet Liberty Mile has been a race on mom’s radar for a few years – it is a personal challenge to log a “PB” – a personal best – at this distance. When the race was an in-person event, it ran down Liberty Avenue in Pittsburgh – a fast and flat part of our beloved Pittsburgh Marathon course. The excitement of a race like this was high, but it happened on Friday evenings and always seemed to be the same time she’d be away for a work conference. This year, we will all be able to run it “solo together” – logging our best miles locally!

What is the benefit of registering (and paying $15) to run this virtual race? You will still get (for a $5 shipping fee) your shirt and medal. (2020 is the first year this race is offering a medal!) You’ll be part of continuing Pittsburgh’s traditions of running…and maybe start a tradition of your own!

The Fleet Feet Liberty Mile is open to ALL AGES. You can register here and record your times by August 7, 2020. Happy running!

PS: Kids – be sure to check out this FREE youth training guide from Kids Of Steel AND follow them on Instagram (@kidsofsteelpgh) for running workouts!